Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The 4th of July is a terrific time of year to promote your small business. Everyone gets an extended weekend filled with barbecues and beers; families and friends get together to remember all of the veterans who fought for the freedoms we have today. Here are some outstanding marketing ideas to give your business a “holiday bump” this Independence Day.

Have a barbecue. If you have a store front, set up some small barbecues and cook frankfurters and burgers for your customers. Watch the commotion boost up your sales.

Run a social media photo contest. Using your business’ Facebook page or Instagram account to start a photo contest for your customers. Be sure to include a clever holiday hashtag!

Create a giveaway. If you have something big to give away to customers, don’t hold back! Use a text marketing campaign or mass email to make the announcement. Giveaways are a great way to motivate people to give you their contact information as well.

Tweet about a special offer. Something along the lines of 25% off all online purchases. Apps like Viral can hide discounts until they’ve been retweeted a certain number of times, so your tweet is bound to gain some great traction.

Help find fireworks. Everyone wants to know where the fireworks are, so print some maps to the fireworks on all of your paper advertisements. Customers will appreciate your “fireworks finder” and give your products a try.

Host holiday-themed games. Create a trivia game about the 4th of July, where your customers can compete and win prizes.

Post holiday-themed cocktail recipes on Pinterest. Using your business’ Pinterest account, post those red, white, and blue cocktail ideas. The 4th of July is a day where many Americans like to cut loose, so invite customers to take pictures of themselves enjoying their cocktails.

Hand out promotional products. Anything that has a red, white, and blue theme and includes your brand name and logo: little flags, notepads, pens, coffee cups, and baseball caps. The possibilities are endless.

Honor veterans with your business. There is no better way to promote your business this Independence Day than honoring those who have served in the military. Give a discount to veterans, a special offer, or donate to a veteran’s fund, and you will gain many loyal customers.

There are a ton of ways to promote your business over this holiday, so don’t limit yourself to what you see above. This is just a springboard of ideas to fire up your marketing campaign on Independence Day. Any idea that highlights the history of the holiday while bringing attention to your brand should suffice. And as always, have some fun in the sun on the 4th of July!