Saturday, October 18, 2014
The average American adult spends 141 minutes per day using a mobile device. Smartphones are smarter (and faster) than ever, capable of delivering rich content to mobile users everywhere.
None of this is lost on mobile marketers, but it might have escaped the attention of those who stand to benefit the most from an effective commercial real estate marketing plan: the realtors themselves. According to one source, real estate agents prefer the cheap and cheerful approach to marketing. Email campaigns and open houses remain the most popular forms of lead generation in the industry. Problem is, neither are all that effective. As commercial real estate marketing ideas go, they’re a false economy.
The same can't be said of mobile. Text messages boast an unbeatable open-and-read rate, and the inexorable march away from traditional websites towards apps has put mobile in the driving seat when it comes to devising a marketing strategy. Before launching your real estate marketing plan for mobile – and launch it you must – take a few moments to digest our basic, must-do tips:
Be Mobile Friendly
Bring your site up to date with a mobile-responsive theme. Bear in mind that 24% of consumers conducting local searches are tech-savvy users with multiple devices – and they account for 50% of all local searches. These users might check a site out at home on their tablet before returning later on an Android. Fail to satisfy this group’s demand for multi-device access and you’re losing out on a lot of potential business.
Give Them a Video
But not just any video. Avoid the chintzy corporate fluff pieces – nobody will watch them. Be creative, and don’t even try to sell directly via video. Just make something people want to watch, and they will already feel a sense of loyalty to your brand. Self-effacement may feel like kryptonite to many CEOs, but it goes down a storm with consumers, so making a funny video that pokes fun at yourself, your brand and your industry is far better than a standard ‘meet the team’ one. If you’re still wary of deploying humor, create a stunning virtual tour to market a property. This is one area where you can’t cut corners on budget. The more you spend on writing and production, the better your video will be. If it looks cheap, your company will look cheap too.
Don’t Forget Traditional Content
Video has the fireworks, but the ground from which they’re launched is built on text content. The more useful pages your website has, the better. And without lots of room for keywords, you can’t grow your SEO campaign. Your commercial real estate marketing plan must include lots of fresh, regular content, both onsite and off in the form of blogs and guest posts. The aim with content marketing is to educate consumers through compelling, informative articles. Variety is the spice of marketing life, so be sure to include infographics, pictures, gifs – anything to space out the blocks of text and give your online presence real life.