Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Cold calling. Is there a form of communication less attractive to both people involved? Hardly anybody wants to make cold calls, and even fewer are happy to receive them. And yet cold calling using live agents was, until recently, the default method of lead generation for realtors, and it meant marketing real estate agents' personalities to customers as much as marketing property.

Marketing to real estate agents was, until recently, a clumsy business that relied almost entirely on high volume cold calls. For your average real estate marketing company, analyzing the quality of realtor lead generation tactics used to work like this:
  • Find out how many cold calls it takes to get a lead
  • Find out how many leads convert into appointments
  • Find out how many appointments result in a sale
It was a long hard road, but ultimately it proved that real estate lead generation is a numbers game. Work out the magic formula and you win. Trouble is, making perhaps 150 calls just to get a single lead didn’t much feel like magic to your average realtor. It felt like a drag.
Enter: call tracking numbers for real estate and sophisticated voice broadcast technology. These twin technologies allow companies and individuals to play the numbers game at a fraction of the cost of using live callers. You can build a database of contacts far more quickly, and at the same time harvest crucial information about each prospect that could improve your chances of closing the sale. As real estate marketing ideas go, call tracking and voice broadcast are hard to top.
What happens when you leave the numbers game to automated commercial real estate marketing tools like call tracking? Well now you can focus on giving top notch customer service to prospects, instead of wasting time and effort on ‘smiling and dialing’ people who are never going to turn into sales. Instead of exhausting a large team of callers who spend all day throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks, you can hire a small, elite group capable of closing deals with customers who have already expressed an interest. Consequently, marketing for real estate has gotten a whole lot easier.
When you leave voice messages and track phone calls for real estate deals, you take a daunting, thankless task and distill it into a rewarding experience with a higher success rate for live agents. They make more commissions for less work, and you don’t have to hire and manage a frequently demoralized workforce. Add to that a sophisticated API real estate strategy and your campaign is really flying. 
With all of these hi-tech tools driving commercial real estate marketing ideas, selling property is nowhere near the headache it used to be. Call tracking and Voice Broadcast work beautifully in tandem, and will ultimately elevate the customer experience, instead of providing lukewarm service for hundreds of recipients, the vast majority of whom have no interest in engaging with you. If you let these tools play the numbers game, and your staff focus on converting genuine prospects, your real estate lead generation drive will be much less of an uphill battle.