Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deciding how to begin an SMS marketing stragety can be a daunting task. One of the most important first steps, however, is developing an SMS coupon offer and choosing how exactly to offer the coupon. A brand must understand its customers and thus what format customers prefer for receiving coupons. Of course, this may vary from customer to customer, or there might be an acceptable industry standard.

A recent Cellit research study, for instance, suggests that buy-one-get-one mobile coupons are more appealing to young consumers, as 68% of them reported a preference for this type of coupon. So, offering a free item along with the full purchase of an item is apparently more desirable than offering a discount on a single item.

In addition to the type of coupon offered, however, a company must also consider the best content structure for their SMS coupon. Most importantly, be concise! Customers need to understand quickly and simply what it is you’re offering and how they can take advantage of the offer. Make sure the coupon can be redeemed easily and immediately. Remember, smartphones are great for instant action, and your SMS codes and text coupons should meet the demand for immediate purchasing power.

Additionally, make sure to announce your brand right up front. Customers should know exactly who is attempting to communicate with them so they don’t simply discard the message as SPAM marketing. The more trusted you are as a brand, the less likely they are to overlook the message. Also, use personal language, avoiding cheap marketing jargon or sales slogans. A hard-sell approach will be obvious, especially to young consumers, who may very quickly be turned off by such a ploy.

Finally, make your customers feel special. SMS coupons should feel as though they are only being sent to an elite group of loyal customers—those who have decided to opt-in to the company’s contact list and thus to create a close and hopefully lasting relationship with the brand.

In Summary, mobile SMS coupons will prove most effective when they are:

  • Brief
  • Easy to Redeem
  • Clear
  • Branded
  • Personalized

Stick to these guidelines and your SMS Marketing ROI should increase significantly.