Monday, January 6, 2014

There are approximately 154 million people in the American workforce today. Some work for large corporations, while others for small businesses. Either way, despite the huge leaps made by technology in recent years, human labor remains the most powerful asset of any size business.

But, as the world’s population continues to grow, it’s inevitable that organizations will, as well - some even turning into corporate powerhouses. With this in mind, it's imperative that they maintain good relationships with their employees, and that means keeping the channels of communication open and efficient. This is where technology and humanity meld.

If your business has been using bulk SMS messaging as a marketing tool, using SMS text messaging to connect with employees is just as efficient, personal and affordable. Businesses would also be staying ahead of the curve by understanding that mobile phones are expected to exceed the population by next year. This means mobile devices are becoming the primary source of connecting to the world.

Further homing in on these statistics, text messaging is the most popular way of communicating above emails and other tools. It not only has a nearly 100% open rate, but studies show text messages are read within three minutes after being received.

A recent survey conducted by Vitiello Communications Group revealed some startling facts about corporate SMS messages:

  • More than 50% of companies that participated do not use text messaging as a communication tool
  • Nearly 70% think their organization should use texting to communicate with employees, and 86% say texting should not be reserved for customer communication only
  • Most respondents send between 1 and 25 text messages in a typical day

Based on those results, it's easy to see how adopting internal corporate SMS solutions can improve relationships and morale among the ranks within an organization. Companies that have SMS text messaging as part of their employee notification system are using it in a variety of ways:

Emergency Alerts

Emergency alerts are probably the single most useful application of bulk SMS text messaging. If a super storm hits, the power goes out or a water main bursts at the office in the middle of the night, you can't be sure your employees will check their emails first thing, or listen to their voicemail before setting off to work. But, if the SMS messaging statistics mentioned earlier are correct, close to 100% of recipients will open and read a text.

Company Announcements

Eyes begin to glaze over when a work email inbox gets overloaded with one correspondence after another. And gathering an entire workforce in a conference room to make an announcement interrupts workflow and can be difficult and time consuming to coordinate. That’s where a concise SMS text makes announcing the roll-out of a new initiative or social event quick and painless. Include a hyperlink to the details for more information and follow through.

Employee Recognition and Motivation

A quick, affordable and reliable corporate SMS message to announce outstanding productivity by an individual or an entire department is an ideal way to boost morale.


A new member of the staff needs a proper introduction to the rest of the team. Welcome them by sending their name, title and contact information to employees, which will help with information retention. Make your workforce community smaller and more intimate with SMS text messaging.

Nine out of 10 Americans keep their phones switched on and with them at all times. It is, literally, an extension of themselves - the world within their pocket - especially with the increased use of smart devices. That's why text communications are so powerful. If the workforce is the lifeblood of an organization, the channels of communication are its arteries. With SMS text messaging, your corporate communications will have a lot of heart.