Tuesday, November 19, 2013

By the end of 2013, it’s reckoned that 1 billion smartphones will have been sold in that one year. More than half of all Americans already use their phones as web browsers on a daily basis, and 80% use them to shop.

Widespread uptake of mobile technology, then, is the new normal, and for businesses, that translates into bigger revenues – provided you have an effective strategy in place to reach the audience. So how do you create such a strategy? Here are some basic rules to follow if you want to reach more potential customers than your competitors…

Set up an opt-in database. Use different marketing avenues such as coupons, in-store signs, flyers, billboards, social media, even television (if you have the budget!). Offer your audience a special offer or a discount by purchasing keywords and inviting customers to text it to your shortcode. It’s a fantastic way to get the opt-in consent required by law, and will pay dividends over the long term.

Maximise ROI with coupons. Ten times as many coupons are redeemed through mobile channels than other forms of advertising, so overlook it at your peril. Coupons are the best way to provide unique offers to subscribers, and they also track your performance.

Keep it simple. When creating text messages, less is always more. Target your audience and identify what kind of messages will grab their attention. From purchase to decision, it needs to be straightforward and one-note, with a clear call to action.

Solve problems for your customers. If you can provide the answer to a problem, you will have consumers on your side – and on your contact list -  for the long haul. This means understanding the needs of your customers, and allows you to create more compelling campaigns.

Optimize your site for mobiles. Now you’ve established a sharp message, make sure your website is optimized for use with mobile devices. It doesn’t necessarily mean having an app (although that helps), but it does mean making all the pertinent information visible to users on smartphones and tablets.