Friday, February 3, 2012

SMS text messaging has revolutionized communication and business marketing. Text messaging allows you to quickly send a concise message that has a higher likelihood of actually being read. While there are many benefits of using SMS as a marketing tool, there are also strict regulations on how text messaging can be used. Today’s petition of the Federal Communications Commission to end unwanted political text message spam only underscores the need for you to be 100 percent compliant with FCC regulations.

In order to be compliant, make sure your customers opt in. You cannot simply buy a list of mobile users and start sending bulk text messages. That would be spam. Mobile phones are highly personal devices. Make sure that you are only messaging people who have opted-in by giving you consent to receiving text offers for you. Within your call to action be sure to include a disclaimer that is explicit in explaining what they are opting in for. Failing to comply will damage brand reputation as well as undermining consumer trust in SMS.

In the case that you are generating telephone calls for telemarketing purposes from your CallFire account, make sure to register with the DNC registry to have your lists scrubbed against the Do Not Call List. Remember you cannot use a pre-recorded message to tele-market to consumers without having the consumer giving you written permission beforehand.

Remember you and your business are 100% liable for the calls originating from your CallFire account. You should review the CallFire usage terms and consult with an attorney before using CallFire.

For more information on FTC, DNC and Telemarketing compliance please read the following guides: