Friday, February 11, 2011

by Jeff Spisak

Call forwarding: you love it. So much so you've bought a forwarding number from CallFire: 555.123.4567. Now you want to use it, so you have it set up to forward to your business number, let's say that is 444.123.4567. Everyone knows that you can add identifying tags to this on the My Numbers page, but what about the campaign dashboard? When you navigate to that page, all you see are the two numbers sans tags, as in our example below.  Can't we make that more readable?

Yes, we can! It's sort of round about, but it does work. Simply click the red stop button to halt the campaign for a minute.

Once the campaign stops and moves to the lower section of your dashboard, the pencil icon magically appears. Click it.

Enter the new campaign name (we're using Denver) and click Set.

Click the green start arrow to restart your campaign.

And voilà!

Now instead of having to review campaign 555.123.4567 => 444.123.4567, it instead displays as campaign Denver. And that's all she wrote!