Tuesday, January 6, 2009

FAQ: "So what can CallFire do for a B2B sales Agent like me?"
It’s pretty simple actually – you can use CallFire to organize your call-campaign & do the outbound dialing for you.   The website allows you to upload a list of contacts & quickly log into a Virtual Call Center campaign.   Here’s how it works:

  1. Agents hear hold music as the dialer displays “Calling” and the numbers it’s attempting to dial.
  2. When connected, the hold music goes away & agents hear the recipient say “Hello” without any delay in sound.
  3. Agents can then begin the pitch.  CallFire lets you easily take notes, enter a disposition for the call & after wrap-up users can click “Next Call” to get to their next live lead.
  4. To leave a recorded message for a machine, simply press the “Answering Machine & Next Call” button, and CallFire will wait for the beep to begin playing your pre-recorded message at the right time, while you take the next live call.

The bottom line for At-home agents & Small Businesses:

  1. Spend your time talking to live people & generate good leads.
  2. No more hand-dialing hundreds of numbers daily.
  3. Don’t deal with busy signals, bad phone numbers & indefinite ringing.
  4. Organize your leads & outbound call campaigns.
  5. Never let a lead slip through the cracks.
  6. Let our system leave the messages on the answering machines.
  7. Easily create follow-up campaigns based on your previous call status.
  8. Pay-as-you go, starting at only $2.10/hour.

Not sure if CallFire will help you save time & increase customer communication & generate leads?
Call 877.897.FIRE to schedule a free webinar.  We’ll even throw in 100 free minutes so you can try us out.