Monday, December 22, 2008

CallFire now gives you the ability to set the number of calls dialed per agent!

How the feature works:

The feature will send out multiple calls for each agent that is logged in. You can control the number of calls that are sent, e.g. 1.2 calls per agent. You are immediately connected to the first call that is picked up.

When to use it:

Lets say your list is an average quality list. These lists usually are 50% effective. If you have a list like this you'll see that for every 2 numbers that is dialed, only 1 number actually answers.  In order to increase the campaign's efficiency, the "Calls to Agent Ratio" could be sent to 2. That means for every agent you have signed in, two calls will be dialed. This helps because your agents spend less time listening to Custom Music on Hold  and more time talking to your customers or clients! Of course you'll need evaluate your own lists before using this feature to ensure you are dialing at the appropriate ratio. Watch those call abandon rates! And just in case you're stuck with a bad list, CallFire lets you set the ratio anywhere between 1 to 4. It's just one more feature that makes CallFire easy and effective. What's the best part? It's offered at the same low price! There's no extra charge!

Here is how to do it :

Update 12/2012: These videos are no longer available, to watch a training video, please visit our video library.