How Can a Phone Call API Improve Business?

CallFire’s sophisticated phone calling API enables developers to integrate their current platforms with a variety of our telephony solutions. From linking your existing CRM system or mobile app to advanced backend web site architectures, CallFire’s mobile API software can handle it all. Fuse your platforms with our application for bulk text messaging, voice broadcasts, call tracking, virtual call center, and our IVR solution with advanced phone tree capabilities. Here are just a few ways our clients are using the phone call API to improve their business practices:

Create automated notification services linked to existing CRM
Announce products and services via text and voice automatically
Track campaign effectiveness with phone calls recording
Test marketing campaigns and optimize based on success
Offer added value and simplicity for customer interfaces
…and Much More!
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Speaker 1: What is CallFire? CallFire is the solution to save your business time and money. With CallFire's powerful voice and text messaging service you can reach your customers instantly. Want some examples? Let's say you're running a promotion and want to call your customers all at once to tell them all about it.

Speaker 2: This is David's Dry Cleaning. It's almost New Year's Eve. Get a 15% discount to dry clean your clothes.

Speaker 1: Or maybe you want to send a text message and reach your customers right in their pocket. Perhaps you're looking to find out what customers think of your business, so you send an automated phone survey to follow up. Or you want to find out which of your ads is driving sales, so you start tracking your incoming calls. Maybe you make calls all day and just need a better way to manage your outreach. With CallFire you'll reach more people in a shorter amount of time, and when they want to reach you, you can build an easy phone menu to route calls to the right person. And that's only the beginning. CallFire's platform makes it easy to do just about anything with phone calls and text messages, including group broadcasts, information hotlines for complex voice surveys, and with CallFire APIs, developers can build voice and SMS applications of their own. Best of all, CallFire is affordable, but as CallFire helps your business grow and grow, you'll find our services are priceless. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, call 877-897-FIRE. There's a bunch of friendly people on the other end waiting to help you. Call 877-897-FIRE or visit

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CallFire offers a mobile API solution for all mobile marketing and contact requirements, with two types of APIs: a REST API and a legacy HTTP API. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is an application protocol. REST (or Representational State Transfer) is a suite of rules that when obeyed permit the mobile developer to develop a distributed application with a particular set of customized restrictions. REST utilizes the four HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT and DELETE to perform various operations. REST was originally defined in the pretext of HTTP, but is not restricted to HTTP protocol. Plus, our API software for mobile marketing was developed with usability and flexibility in mind, so working with our API team to integrate will be simple and streamlined.