How Can a Mortgage Autodialer Improve My Business?

CallFire makes mortgage marketing and mortgage lead generation quick and easy. With CallFire’s automated mortgage dialer, make multiple calls simultaneously without manual dialing. You’ll only be connected when a live person answers, and you can choose to leave a prerecorded message on answering machines or skip voicemails altogether. Here are just a few more ways our clients use the automated mortgage dialing call center to generate the best mortgage leads and sustain their mortgage businesses:

Call multiple numbers at once without dialing
Bypass busy signals, bad numbers, and dropped calls
Leave automated messages on answering machines
Integrate your existing technology with our Call Center API
Notify customers of upcoming billing dates or past due invoices
Run surveys and polls
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Meet marcy, a real estate agents with no time for marketing. She needs to focus on selling homes. That’s why CallFire offers the most effective and affordable ways to reach all of your customers with a few clicks. How does it work? Marcy uses CallFire’s voice and text broadcasting to let her list of potential buyers know about a hot new property. Buyers reply to the message to make an appointment. All Marcy did was upload her client list to CallFire’s easy-to-use interface. Type or record a message and click send. Marcy is now selling more homes and spending less time marketing. Services like voice broadcasting, text message marketing, and Cloud Call Center help agents like Marcy manage their entire mobile marketing campaigns in one easy place. CallFire makes marketing and communications simple and affordable. To learn more, visit or call.

Setting up the Cloud Call Center is as Easy as 1…2…3…

1Setup your recordings and script to your campaign
2Upload your recipient list from CSV or XLS
3Schedule when you want to start your campaign

You've seen tons of internet mortgage lead companies offering cheap mortgage leads, free mortgage leads, and exclusive mortgage leads for sale. But using an automated cloud dialing system to call your current customers and new leads is one of the most affordable and efficient way to improve productivity when calling residential and commercial mortgage leads, giving you the ability serve even more clients! Mortgage telemarketing has never been easier with CallFire's mortgage autodialer. You can also use CallFire’s automated dialing solutions to automatically send a billing or promotional update to customers on certain dates or based on particular parameters, with an option for them to pay right through the phone using their touch tone key pad or voice prompts.