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Mult-line dialing

Our autodialer lets you sit back and wait for an answer as it dials up to four numbers at once.

MachineSkip and SmartDrop

Your agents can avoid answering machines automatically or leave high-quality prerecorded messages as voicemails.


CCC can be integrated for a single agent or thousands - there are no limits and a simple hourly rate.

Robust data collection

Record calls, track results, add custom scripts, collect responses, and export data so you can see how the team or one agent is performing.

Cloud Call Center

Starting at $2 per hour

Ramp Up Your Call Time

Connect directly to live answers. Upload your list, login, and start making live calls. The Cloud Call Center starts at $2 per hour per user logged in. All minutes are prorated. If a caller spends 30 minutes on the system, the charge would be $1.

Features Lite $2/hr Standard $3/hr Pro $4/hr
Agent reports & statistics      
Dual-line auto-dialer (max 2-1 call ratio)      
MachineSkip answering machine avoidance      
SmartDrop answering machine messaging      
Call recording      
Multiline auto-dialer (max 4-1 call ratio)      

All plans include

  • Single-line auto-dialer
  • PowerScript & data pop-up
  • Unlimited call transfers (3.5¢/minute)
  • Call dispositions & statistics
  • 6 a.m.-6 p.m. live customer care
  • 24/7 email support
  • Campaign, list & sound mgmt
  • DTMF pass-through
  • Customer history & notes
  • DNC / FTC compliance info
  • Remote / home agents
  • Real-time reporting
  • APIs to control campaigns
  • CRM integration support
  • Agent monitoring barge (silent)
  • Upload contacts in Excel

Great features like...

What our customers are saying

"I added CallFire to my sales arsenal and in the last several months our outbound sales calls have skyrocketed. My sales have doubled in the last 3 months."

Mitch Biggs, Owner, Biggs & Associates Agency

"When we have 10,000 volunteers who need to report in on the same day, CallFire's IVR system is a breakthrough solution for us. It just works, and we can concentrate on other things."

Adam Ruben, MoveOn's Political Director

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