As a business owner or marketer, your goal is to make the phone ring. Despite the popularity of web forms, online chat and email surveys, many people still prefer to pick up the phone. But if you’re not tracking phone calls, you’re missing critical insights into your marketing campaign and sales performance.

Call monitoring systems provide detailed analytics to help you swiftly identify which advertising channels are the most effective for your business.

CallFire’s call management software tracks all inbound calls, so you know where they came from. Read on to learn more about automated phone call tracking and how it can improve your business and marketing campaigns:

What Is Call Tracking

The Benefits of Phone Call Tracking

Integrate Call Tracking With Voice and Text

How to Set Up Call Tracking

Get More From Your Call Tracking Software With CallFire

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Speaker 1: How can SMS help my business grow? Here’s an example. Suzy is a marketing director for a museum. She uses CallFire to send her members text reminders so that they never miss a great exhibit. She even includes a link so smart-phone users can get all the exhibit details. Now that members know to visit the museum, Suzy’s got another marketing magic trick up her sleeve once they get there. She posts signs inviting visitors to text, “I love art,” to her CallFire phone number. Once they text in, they automatically receive a discount to the museum gift shop.

Suzy loves how easy CallFire makes sending and receiving texts, and her members love the timeliness and convenience of getting reminders, promotions, and discounts right in their pocket. CallFire works with both long codes and short codes and provides opt in and opt out support, all for just pennies per message. Developers can even use CallFire APIs to program SMS apps of their own. To learn more, visit or call 877-897-FIRE.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a marketing and customer service tool that allows you to record and track inbound calls and measure the success of marketing campaigns.

Here’s how call tracking works.

  • Buy phone numbers. Purchase local or toll-free numbers (as many as you’d like).
  • Designate numbers to channels. Assign a unique phone number to each channel, location or medium you want to track.
  • Start tracking! With the unique phone numbers, you’ll get reports that show you where each call came from. [INSERT VIDEO] H2: The Benefits of Phone Call Tracking Assigning trackable numbers to your advertising campaigns makes it easy to see what’s working and what isn’t, helping you market your business affordably and effectively. Here’s how tracking phone calls with VoIP call tracking software can benefit your business:


The Benefits of Phone Call Tracking

Assigning trackable numbers to your advertising campaigns makes it easy to see what’s working and what isn’t, helping you market your business affordably and effectively. 

  • Measure and Maximize Campaign ROI- Call tracking software enables marketers to measure the ROI of their campaigns. You can easily see which website pages have the highest conversion rate so you can refine your marketing strategy and invest in campaigns that get results. With efficient call polling, you can also save money on advertising campaigns.
  • Learn Actionable Customer Insights -  Gain extensive call analytics reports at an affordable price. With CallFire’s call tracking metrics, you get detailed, real-time reports on the number of calls, caller ID, call statistics and call duration to paint a clearer picture of your best customers and target them more effectively. Filter calls by day or the day of the week to identify and act on trends.
  • Get Detailed Call Information - Collect call data on caller ID, call statistics and call duration using the call log system. You can also have custom notifications routed to your email or mobile device.
  • Improve the Customer Experience - Stop losing customers to a poorly organized phone system or lackluster customer service. With call tracking software, you can record phone calls to identify where your team excels and areas that need improvement. Call recordings are a great training tool for new hires, too.

See how one business owner used call tracking software to improve customer service and track online calls.

Integrate Call Tracking With Voice and Text

Tracking phone calls online provides value far beyond reporting. With a voice and text solution like CallFire, you can integrate voice broadcast, interactive voice response and SMS marketing to launch more effective multichannel marketing campaigns.

Combine one or all of these features to get even more out of your call tracking software:

  • SMS marketing to capture contacts who prefer texting over speaking on the phone.
  • Voice broadcast to deliver custom voice messages by phone.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) to route inbound calls to the correct person, and capture keypress data so callers can request text messages.

Combining call tracking with SMS and voice communications allows you to communicate with your target market where and how they prefer, achieving enterprise-level reach with less manpower.

How to Set Up Call Tracking

Getting started with call tracking is simple.

If you’re looking for an easy way to track marketing campaign ROI and improve customer service, CallFire’s automated phone call tracking software is for you.

With CallFire, you can buy one or even thousands of local and toll-free phone numbers. You can also use CallFire to record your calls at no extra cost. And with CallFire’s API, advertisers, pub-lishers and developers can provide call tracking services to their own customers.

Here’s how to set up your free call tracking account.

  1. Open a free account with a call tracking software company like CallFire.
  2. In the CallFire dashboard, select the tab “Create.” Scroll down to Call Tracking. Click “Setup.”
  3. Select the numbers you want to purchase. Add them and click “Next.”
  4. Select your call options — routing, recording, Google Analytics integration, the whisper feature and more!

And that’s it — you’re ready to go! Check your dashboard to track results from your numbers!

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Get More From Your Call Tracking Software With CallFire

As a leading provider of call tracking, voice and text marketing solutions, CallFire can help you boost revenue through proactive communication across your voice and text channels.

Our voice and text solutions support customer service, marketing, collections and logistics communication so you can promptly connect with prospects at the perfect time and drive more profitable actions.

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