There are three basic human essentials: Food, clothing and shelter. It’s been the latter that has kept Kelly Roofing in business for more than 40 years.

But, it’s not just because everyone needs a roof over their head that has grown Kelly Roofing into a second-generation family business. Kelly Roofing has proven year after year that commitment to community, quality and honorable business practices is the only way to win trust.

In fact, Kelly Roofing is the largest roofing contractor in Collier County, Florida and has been ranked one of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in America since 2003. In addition to its many awards and accolades, Kelly Roofing was just granted the 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award.

In order to maintain its reputation, the folks at Kelly Roofing decided they needed a way to ensure that its employees were delivering quality service to their customers. So, they came to CallFire for their Call Tracking needs.

“As a family business, our customers are an extension of our family. It is important they are treated as such,” says Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing. “We have a team of four in the office that field four lines of calls throughout the work day. Using CallFire helps us to keep tabs on our staff to ensure they are delivering the level of service we expect.”

Over the last six months, Kelly Roofing has been using CallFire’s Call Tracking solution. “We have a dedicated phone number listed on our web site [and] record the calls made to that number,” says Kelly. “It's both a gauge to see how well our site is performing and a way to check on our staff's response to those calls.”

Prior to CallFire, Kelly Roofing relied on customers to give feedback on where they heard of the company, where they found their number and how well the staff was handling their calls. “The trouble with customer feedback is you don't always get it and it usually takes three powerful positive or negative experiences to get customers to share. We were missing so much feedback, causing us to drive the company by looking in the rear-view mirror. It was frustrating,” says Kelly.

CallFire’s Call Tracking solution is popular for businesses with anywhere from just one to hundreds of phone numbers. Its scalable design allows for both the small business owner and the larger corporation to measure where their hard-earned dollars are going.

Businesses will advertise across several mediums ie billboards, newspapers, television, websites, etc. and assign a unique phone number to each advertisement. When calls come in to these phone numbers, supervisors can track and collect valuable data that show which advertisements are performing best, record calls to ensure customer service and to pinpoint where their marketing dollars are being best spent.

“CallFire has taken us from a “guess” company to a “know” company. We now have the ability to see exactly where our calls are coming from and have a way to ensure those calls are handled properly,” says Kelly.

Because CallFire’s Call Tracking solution allows for calls to be recorded, supervisors can immediately address customer service concerns, bettering the way business is done, immediately.

“I love the recorded phone calls,” says Kelly. “In business, as in life, confrontation is very uncomfortable [and] accountability is expected. So, if there is an employee who is not able to keep up with their job duties, the recorded calls highlight their shortcomings for us. We don't have to "have the talk". Rather, the employee will simply weed themselves out and leave the company voluntarily.”

In Kelly Roofing’s case, this has happened on two occasions and Ken Kelly says his family business if much better off for it. “The two we hired in their places are both experts and see the reinforcement of recorded phone calls as a way to improve, not hide. It has become a valuable tool in our organization.

When asked if Kelly Roofing would use CallFire’s other solutions, such as Voice Broadcast, SMS text messaging and Cloud Call Center, Kelly said, “Yes, please keep them coming. They are making a difference in our company.”

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