How Do I Get the Most Out of My Business Phone System?

Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500, putting your business phone system in the cloud will streamline your billing and marketing processes. CallFire's business phone solutions are cost-effective and can be implemented quickly. Use our ACD software with online auto dialers to make multiple calls without manually dialing a single digit. Send thousands of voice messages simultaneously. Set up a phone tree with a telephone auto attendant or send out interactive messages that allow your customers to be transferred directly to you via a sophisticated virtual phone service for small business.

Use our ACD solution to optimize your business by:

Developing an effective business lead generation strategy
Running virtual phone services with greater reach than landline setups
Streamlining diffuse business phone systems into one manageable cloud-based call center
Leave business phone messages that customers can interact with
Sidestep monthly fees - just pay as you go
…and Much More!
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How can CallFire help small businesses? Today more people own mobile phones than computers. It's the fastest growing industry in the world. And quickly becoming the most important form of small business advertising. With CallFire, mobile marketing is simple, effective, and affordable. From announcing specials to events, CallFire’s easy-to-use voice and text broadcasting lets you connect with your entire customer list with 1-click. Calling a big list of clients? Try CallFire’s Cloud Call Center. It's an auto dialer to filter out busy signals, no answers, and bad numbers. Connect only when a live person answers. Or purchase local or toll-free numbers to place ads and track the effectiveness from each number. Log in to your account to be view results such as, how many customers were contacted? How many replied? What was said? This helps you decide when to run your next promotion and who to send it to. Need help? CallFire provides live one-on-one customer support. To learn more visit or call.

Setting Up Cloud Call Center is as easy as 1...2...3...

1Setup your recordings and script to your campaign
2Upload your recipient list from CSV or XLS
3Schedule when you want to start your campaign

Trying to co-ordinate multiple work-from-home agents? Use our VoIP home phone service to manage contractors. Want to start a new business without leasing expensive premises? CallFire's small business telephone service allows you to run everything from the ACD systems cloud, with no need for in-house servers, staff or other costs associated with office overhead. You can integrate your existing business phone systems using our API technology, allowing you to run a premium business telemarketing operation with minimal costs. If you're looking for custom online auto attendant with ACD reporting and online autodialer, dedicated to your company alone, CallFire's zero subscription plans makes everything easier, faster and more affordable.