How can an Asterisk Auto Dialer Help My Business?

When you're managing a large auto dialing system, you have to juggle so many considerations. Am I making the best use of my agents? Is my technology compliant with government regulations? The Asterisk auto dialing system answers all those questions - and a whole lot more you hadn't even thought of asking. Projects that used to cost millions can now be undertaken by small companies. And while some auto dialing software is complex to set up, the Asterisk autodialer requires only a web browser and a credit card. The Asterisk call center is integrated with CallFire's Cloud Call Center, which makes it even more user-friendly and intuitive.

The Asterisk auto dialer system can help you:

Use auto messaging to improve response rates
Increase the number of calls you make
Manage multiple campaigns
Make the best of your workforce
Comply with government auto phone call regulations
…and Much More!
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Speaker 1: How can my business use the Cloud Call Center? Here’s an example. Robert is a mortgage broker with a team of sales agents to call customers, but his agents are frustrated because everything they do is slow. They dial phone numbers by hand, listen to endless ringing, and manually jot down notes about each call. When they get someone’s voice mail, they leave the same message over and over again, wasting time and getting irritated, so Robert turns to CallFire to help turn things around. He uploads his list of customers and writes a script for his agents. Robert can even integrate CallFire with his CRM system, so agents have useful customer information before they’ve even said hello.

When Robert’s agents log in to CallFire, his system begins dialing auto-magically. CallFire filters out busy signals and bad phone numbers, and if agents get someone’s answering machine, they can hit the smart drop button to leave a prerecorded message while moving on to the next call. No more waiting for the beep. CallFire’s Cloud Call Center works with any phone anywhere, meaning Robert’s agents can work from home. This saves money and boosts morale, making agents even more energetic on sales calls. The Cloud Call Center is one big uber intelligent automatic switchboard in the sky. Developers can even use CallFire APIs to create virtual call-center apps of their own. To learn more, visit, or call 877-897-FIRE.

Setting Up Cloud Call Center is as easy as 1...2...3...

1Setup your recordings and script to your campaign
2Upload your recipient list from CSV or XLS
3Schedule when you want to start your campaign

The Asterisk auto diler ACD is smart. It uses algorithms to match the number of connects to the number of available agents. It factors in statistics on the best time of day to call specific groups. If you're not happy with your existing auto dialing service, or you're looking to add an auto phone dialer to your business functions, the Asterisk call center is your best option.