In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Tuff Shed ran a preview sale on its storage garages. For one Saturday in August, a typically slow month for sales, Tuff Shed promoted $100 off storage buildings through TV, direct mail, email, and sales calls using CallFire’s Cloud Call Center.

Adam Cooney, Tuff Shed’s Business Development Manager, reported that by the end of the day-long promotion, his nationwide sales reps had used CallFire to make 15,500 calls. “It was the largest buy-in of any campaign we’ve ever run,” Cooney said, in terms of the sales team using the Cloud Call Center. “Our business has changed; we’re not just order takers. We’re in the lead capture business, so we have to go to home shows, nurture leads, and follow up immediately. Your CRM is only as good as its users, and as part of our CRM, we’ve made CallFire an imperative.”

Tuff Shed had projected they would make about $700,000 in retail sales that Saturday. But by the end of the one-day promotion, Tuff Shed had sold $1.7 million, the largest retail sales day in the company’s 30-year history.

“There are no accidents. Things don’t just happen,” Cooney said. “We made more calls, and more calls mean more sales.”

Cooney, a 25-year sales veteran, has used CallFire both as a sales agent and now as an administrator. “I’ve made thousands of CallFire calls,” he says. “I use it not only to generate sales around promotions, but as a prospecting tool. I’ve always been really impressed with the quantitative tracking.”

Now that he’s an administrator, Cooney creates CallFire campaigns for his own salespeople, with about 500 leads on each list. “I’m effectively the cheerleader,” he explains. “I use CallFire reports to send daily updates to the team itemizing the day’s calls,” in order to motivate employees, recognize performance, and increase adoption.

Asked to describe CallFire, Cooney simply stated, “It’s awesome.”


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