When Justin McClelland attended a real estate forum in Chicago, Illinois earlier this year, he came with open ears. He arrived looking for new and innovative marketing solutions to implement at his startup real estate investment company, Schwaps.

Several were thrown into the mix, but one of the trade secrets that stuck with McClelland that day was CallFire’s Voice Broadcast service.

Shortly after experimenting with the recommended technology, McClelland executed multiple campaigns for his regional firm.

For one particular implementation, Schwaps advertised a house primarily via roadside signage and prospective buyers subsequently started to inquire about the property with Schwaps' agents. With each call, detailed property information was provided and information was also collected about the caller.

When the property was sold, Schwaps wanted to notify all prospective buyers, continue to build a relationship and rapport, as well as refer them to stay current with their website for future real estate deals.

Instead of contacting each of the 30 prospective buyers individually, a CallFire voice broadcast was utilized, freeing up valuable time for McClelland. "As a small business, any tool that can be implemented to allow a greater efficiency of operation is invaluable," said McClelland.

Going forward, Schwaps plans to implement the Cloud Call Center with agents throughout the nation for continual lead generation. “I’ve only touched the beginning of what CallFire can do for my business. I’m excited to implement additional services in the future that will help us excel.”


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