, the group campaigning against the Proposition 8 measure in California, making gay marriage illegal, was started by Equality California (EQCA) in 2008. EQCA has successfully passed more than 45 pieces of civil rights legislation for the LGBT community in the last 10 years and created to launch a movement to sway thousands of voters in California last fall.

Initially, NoOnProp8 had a phone bank of approximately 10,000 volunteers and zero call center infrastructure. They required a solution to organize volunteers who would generate calls to approximately 3 million US voters. Each volunteer had a goal of reaching as many California voters as they could and educating them on the proposition effectively.

NoOnProp8 discovered CallFire’s Cloud Call Center, coordinated system efforts, and within three days, NoOnProp8’s virtual call center was up and running. Armed with CallFire’s Cloud Call Center, volunteers used their own cell phone and laptop from home or local volunteer hub, connected to the CallFire system and began dialing.

CallFire’s scalable system not only managed to support the large-scale operation, but it also was executed seamlessly: Approximately 10,000 volunteers spoke with 641,495 voters, out of the 800,000 dialed in the state of California. The original goal of the campaign was to reach 3 million voters, but it was stopped early.
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