The Maine People’s Alliance is the largest community action organization in the state. Charged with the daunting and critical task of educating and preparing the leaders of tomorrow, MPA needed a reliable and efficient solution to make those important connections. That’s when they decided to call CallFire.

Mike Tipping works at MPA and Maine People’s Resource Center. He also writes a political column for the Portland Press Herald. He tells us in the few months MPA has been using CallFire’s Cloud Call Center solution, “CallFire’s product more than doubled our effectiveness from our previous system.”

“We had ad-hoc phone banks and a patch-through 1-800 number system,” says Tipping. MPA needed a solution that could handle the tens of thousands of calls it makes every year, but with the ability to make each connection a personal one.

Known for its grassroots organizing and education, MPA reaches more than 100,000 Mainers each year. Because MPA takes an individualized approach to their outreach, CallFire’s Cloud Call Center allowed MPA’s small army of agents to increase productivity with it’s multi-line auto dialer.

CallFire’s Cloud Call Center powerdialer allows agents to triple the calls they make in a single session. By eliminating the need to hand dial each number on a list, which can take hours and days to complete, a single agent can access an uploaded list of phone numbers and dial through each one, hands free.

If the agent runs into a busy signal or bad phone number, the powerdialer will move onto the next phone number automatically. Agents also have the option of using the SmartDrop or MachineSkip features that will either leave a prerecorded voice message or skip answering machines altogether.

Focused on leadership development and positive social change, MPA turned to CallFire because it can deliver when it’s most important. “We’ve used the virtual call center for a series of calls to members asking them to contact their legislators,” says Mike Tipping.

With four main chapters across Maine, MPA takes pride in making direct personal contact with its fellow citizens. Through its nearly 32 years, MPA’s quality leadership development work has yielded dozens of leaders and staff for MPA and other organizations. A legacy it’s proud of and wishes to pass down through the generations.

While political and social activism have had a long history, it has a long future ahead and deserves the most advanced technology to reach the masses.

With social issues ranging from health care and affordable housing to the environment and racial justice, MPA’s work is far from over, and CallFire is here to help.

“We are actively considering some of Callfire’s other services,” says Tipping. Providing the best service is CallFire’s mission, and will be ready to meet MPA’s telephony needs.

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