Nonprofit, political and other similar organizations make thousands upon thousands of calls to further their cause. Starting Point Ops, LLC, is no different, which is why they turned to CallFire for their Cloud Call Center needs.

As a politically progressive grassroots fundraising and outreach group, Starting Point Ops makes an astounding 15 thousand calls every week. They use CallFire as the telephony conduit to put people in touch with their senator.

To start with, Starting Point Ops has a list of thousands of constituents that several agents place calls to. Using CallFire’s Cloud Call Center, these agents use the multi-line auto dialer to connect with people at an exponentially higher rate than by hand dialing each number individually. In fact, CallFire’s multi-line autodialer triples productivity. As one line connects with a busy signal or answering machine, the autodialer is on to the next call so that agents aren’t wasting their time.

With such an important task at hand and with such incredibly high stakes, Starting Point Ops chose CallFire because there is no room for failure.

“We are using CallFire because it requires very little attention on our part once we have loaded lists,” says Mike Rogers, Associate Director of SPO. Starting Point Ops has been using CallFire for the last two years and, “we have never encountered a technical difficulty with it.”

Rogers, who started out as a caller for the first year of using CallFire, now loads and maintains the call lists.

To date, Starting Point Ops has conducted nearly 80 campaigns, each one averaging anywhere from two thousand to 22 thousand calls.

“The auto dialer has worked exactly how we have needed it to and the transfer option has been easy to work with,” says Rogers. “We have tried other auto dialers, but ran into more technical difficulties, which made them harder to use.”

Not only is CallFire’s software continually upgraded to avoid these types of technical pitfalls, for the user, it’s simple and easy.

In fact, Starting Point Ops has a general training process that takes very little time. “We bring the CallFire window up on a projector and run through logging in and making a call with our callers,” says Rogers. “But, for the most part, it’s a very straightforward interface and we haven’t had to provide much training.”

The beauty of CallFire’s many services is that they are entirely scalable to each and every organization’s needs, big or small. And, each tool can offer a host of solutions. “[The] auto dialer is pretty much the only service we have used so far, but have found it pretty critical to the work we do.”

In addition to the Cloud Call Center, CallFire offers other features like MachineSkip and SmartDrop so that agents can bypass busy signals or leave a pre-recorded voice message on an answering machine while moving on to the next call.

At the moment, Starting Point Ops is using the Cloud Call Center with Auto Dialer at the ‘Lite’ level because it offers everything the organization needs at an affordable price. “We’ve grown in some surprising ways,” says Mike Rogers, “it’s certainly possible that we will be needing more services [from CallFire] in the future.”

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