1st Captial Loans: Troy, Michigan

John Tucker, a 1st Capital Loans account executive, is a busy man. On top of researching, managing an office, handling applications, finishing an MBA, and studying for the CPA exam, Tucker needed to follow up on a dense list of prospects as part of his routine. Unfortunately, his company’s customary method for making calls actually hurt efficiency.

The business ran on the “old-fashioned” method of paper and pens. Tucker and his associates would manually dial through their own cell phones and leave voicemails, then record their results on a piece of paper.

Tucker, a savvy business professional, strongly valued operational efficiency. With the need to make at least 200 calls a week, the strategy for making calls was not ideal. It was important to find a good match for his needs, and that’s when CallFire came into the picture. CallFire’s Cloud Call Center (CCC), a power dialer that automatically connects agents to live leads, was exactly what was needed to maximize the company’s potential.

John elaborated on his before and after results when he said, “Before the system (of manual dialing) I could get through about 80-95 calls in 4 hours. Now, I get through about 150-165 calls in 4 hours, about double the level of activity for the same amount of working hours.”

A prime feature of the CCC that Tucker finds invaluable is the ability to record call activity. He is now able to review every call made to check that his notes are error-free for optimal “sales”. Tucker stated that he also utilizes CallFire’s SMS Text Messaging services and will continue to do so for the remainder of his career as it increases efficiency.

When asked about his overall experience with CallFire, Tucker replied, “If you have to make a large number of calls and aren’t using a system similar to this, you aren’t running an efficient operation. The cost of the system more than pays for itself with the higher level of efficiency.” CallFire’s Cloud Call Center has proven results across industries by creating efficiency and reducing costs.

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