Wycliffe Associates: Orlando, FL

Wycliffe Associates found themselves restricted in spreading their message of the Bible. The organization held seasonal banquets to inform the public about Biblical translations in order to recruit new volunteers. Unfortunately, their method for converting banquet attendees to new volunteers proved to be inefficient.

“Previously, response time for follow-up[s] after someone attended a banquet was slow due to people hand dialing and leaving voice messages,” Advocate Team Leader, Becky Hancock said. “Disconnected and faulty numbers took up time when dialed. Our calls would take several months to complete, and sometimes never got completed when we dialed by hand. People often forgot they had even attended a banquet by the time our call got through.”

Realizing that they were dealing with an ineffective platform, they decided it was time to ditch SharePoint and jump on board with CallFire. Upon doing so, they saw quick results with the use of rapid calling through the Cloud Call Center. The volunteers were now able to contact the attendees within six to seven weeks, improving their calling efficiency by 20-30%.

CallFire has served as a portable call center clearing up confusion, keeping everyone on the same page, and saving the organization time. “We are now able to contact people multiple times instead of just once or twice. Everyone calls at the same time on the same night and we know when we are done with the calling list. Our calls are concise and completed in a much shorter time frame than our previous method of hand-dialing.”

Hancock keeps things simple. To better accommodate their older targeted audience, she believes phone calling is the most efficient resource for gathering volunteers. Along with pleasing her prospects, Hancock said the volunteers have made a game out of their work by competing to see who gets the most callers. Not only has the power dialer been of satisfactory, it has increased productivity as a whole.

“CallFire has improved my team’s work and has brought kudos to our department from our marketing department. CallFire truly has enabled us to do our best and know it,” Hancock said. CallFire’s Cloud Call Center has proven results across industries by creating efficiency and reducing costs.

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