Clean Energy Group Alliance (CEGA) provides smart design for alternative energy choices by installing solar roofs over residential spaces and governmental facilities. Using top of the line resources, CEGA prides itself on executing environmentally friendly, quality work.

Installing a green solution can add up to $20,000 to the resale value of a home and lowers electricity bills. While CEGA continued to save customers and businesses money through meticulous planning for alternative roofing, it also initiated a plan to save the company money.

The California-based solar design and engineering firm realized it needed to contact contractors more efficiently to execute these well-designed roofs. In order to get the best team for the job, CEGA began using Cloud Call Center (CCC) to reach contractors during a time sensitive period. By using CCC, CEGA’s six agents have doubled results.

“We target contractors to invite them to work with our company,” Director of Affiliate Development, Scott Wilcoxon said. “CallFire makes calling and contacting ‘live’ people swift and easy. I can usually get other tasks done between contacts which could never happen if I had to dial manually. It’s like having a secretary doing the redundant work for me.” With slightly over 38,000,000 people living in the sunny state of California, it is easy to understand why the company needed help keeping inventory of all calls received and made.

CEGA also found Call Tracking to be an invaluable solution. Call Tracking allows the company to record outbound calls, track campaign efficiency, and formulate a better calling strategy.

Not only was the platform easy-to-use but, Wilcoxon also found the CallFire team very supportive. “The technology is great. Above all, though, keep the high standards of customer service that you already have. Your people are the best.”

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