CallFire clients Sync Payments and Sync Loyalty, based in St. Louis, MO, have a two-pronged approach to helping small businesses save money while simultaneously increasing margins.

What Sync Payments offers is a payment processing solution that helps thousands of local businesses reduce fees associated with credit card transactions. At the same time, Sync Loyalty helps the little guy compete with big box retailers that lure customers with rewards programs by implementing a marketing program that offers gift cards and other incentives, which increase both repeat and new customer traffic.

Despite these programs, Sync Payments and Sync Loyalty needed a way to reach out to potential clients. Whether they were neighbors down the street or across town, Sync Payments/Loyalty came to CallFire to better connect with clients.

For more than a year, the companys’ president, Nick Thuston, had been using CallFire to introduce his services to the community with the Voice Broadcast and Cloud Call Center solutions.

He streamlined a way to quickly launch cold-call campaigns to local businesses and kept track of appointments with future clients as well as other critical information through Cloud Call Center.

“I wanted to keep calls rolling for my appointment setters. And I wanted to record the calls and play them back on demand. So, CallFire was a good fit,” said Thuston.

The advantage of CallFire’s Call Recording feature gave Thuston the ability to remain hands-on without being tied to the telephone. CallFire’s Call Recording tool also gave Thuston the time to focus his energy on expanding his own business.

For just pennies per call, Thuston said CallFire has allowed him to expand his business and put more people to work.

“My ‘Appointment Setter’ initiative as a whole has worked. The forecasted ROI was realized immediately [and] CallFire was an integral part of that success. We are now looking to expand the program and hire a few more people.”

With 23 million small businesses in this country contributing to 54% of all U.S. sales, CallFire has continued to help grow small business success, one connection at a time.

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