How Will Voice Broadcasting Services Improve Business?

CallFire’s Phone Broadcast solution is a web-based, automated voice messaging system that initiates automated voice calls to deliver pre recorded phone messages. As one of the leading voice broadcast companies, offering the latest in small business marketing tips, CallFire’s voice broadcast services exceed those of competitors, like Voxeo or If By Phone (ifbyphone), and are thus used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Here are just a few ways our clients use Voice Broadcast Messaging with telephone recorded messages to grow their businesses:

Communicate with an entire contact list with voice broadcasting service
Advertise daily specials and monthly promotions through telephone broadcasting
Announce new products or services using VoIP broadcasting
Send emergency alerts via automated telephone messages
Send voice messages with & “Press-1-Now” campaigns for customers to pay bills through phone
Relay company information and alerts to employees using phone broadcast software
Show transcript

Speaker 1: What can voice broadcast do for my business? Here’s an example. David runs a dry-cleaning service. He wants to announce a holiday special, so he turns to CallFire and records a message. “This is David’s Dry Cleaning. It’s almost New Year’s Eve. Get a 15% discount to dry clean your party outfits when you use our pick-up service. Press one to schedule a pick-up.” David uploads his phone book into CallFire, and CallFire does the rest. David’s customers are notified about his discount, and with the press-one transfer, they can be immediately connected to schedule a pick-up.

After the special, David logs into his account and can see how many calls were sent and how many pick-ups were scheduled. These numbers help him decide whether to run the special again the next holiday. “This is David’s Dry Cleaning. It’s almost Valentine’s Day.” CallFire makes it easy and provides opt in and opt out support for just pennies per call. Developers can even use CallFire APIs to program calling apps of their own. To learn more, visit or call 877-897-FIRE.

Setting up a Voice Broadcast is as Easy as 1…2…3…

1Select the Tab titled CREATE and select the Voice Broadcast Icon
2Upload your contact list and choose the details of your campaign
3You are ready to go! Schedule or Start your campaign today!

CallFire’s automated Voice Message system makes communicating with customers and employees efficient and effective! With mobile rapidly emerging as the fastest growing sector of the advertising industry, knowing how to send a voice message and having the ability to implement voice broadcast marketing, via a professional mobile marketing platform, is now a crucial element of any personalized marketing or communication initiative. To enhance customer engagement, it’s important that your pre recorded voicemail messages get heard quickly, be it for an emergency call broadcast, a political campaign voice alert, or a voice advertising promotion for your business. Using Voice Broadcasting systems to send a voice message is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with the masses. Your automated voice broadcast can be sent within seconds to thousands of phones. Our telephone broadcast software is ideal for those who want to reach the most amount of contacts in the shortest amount of time.