What Can an SMS Gateway Do for My Business?

As one of the best SMS gateway providers, CallFire’s SMS gateway service allows companies to increase efficiency, customer engagement, and revenue via mass SMS text messages.  And developers can use our SMS gateway API to integrate their current systems with CallFire's web SMS gateway and c# SMS gateway. You can even set up email to SMS gateway to make life easier. Here are just a few ways our clients are using our bulk SMS gateway software to grow and sustain their businesses:

Communicate with their entire contact list via online SMS gateway services
Advertise daily specials and monthly promotions with a text message gateway
Announce new products or services through SMS gateways
Promote referral programs to current clients with an internet SMS gateway
Notify customers of upcoming billing dates or past due invoices through the mobile SMS gateway
Relay company information and alerts
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Speaker 1: How can SMS help my business grow? Here’s an example. Suzy is a marketing director for a museum. She uses CallFire to send her members text reminders so that they never miss a great exhibit. She even includes a link so smart-phone users can get all the exhibit details. Now that members know to visit the museum, Suzy’s got another marketing magic trick up her sleeve once they get there. She posts signs inviting visitors to text, “I love art,” to her CallFire phone number. Once they text in, they automatically receive a discount to the museum gift shop.

Suzy loves how easy CallFire makes sending and receiving texts, and her members love the timeliness and convenience of getting reminders, promotions, and discounts right in their pocket. CallFire works with both long codes and short codes and provides opt in and opt out support, all for just pennies per message. Developers can even use CallFire APIs to program SMS apps of their own. To learn more, visit CallFire.com or call 877-897-FIRE.

Setting up an SMS Campaign is as easy as 1...2...3...

1Select the Tab titled CREATE and select the Text Broadcast Icon
2Upload your contact list and choose the details of your campaign
3You are ready to go! Schedule or Start your campaign today!

Mobile Marketing must now be a central part of any company’s overall marketing strategy, and sending mass text messages is key to mobile advertising. As a leading SMS gateway provider, CallFire’s cheap SMS gateway server is a powerful mass text messaging gateway, which offers various ways to stay engaged with customers and ultimately to increase revenue. Communicating with an entire customer base in just moments via a bulk SMS Gateway is an important tool for any business.