Parent notification and student messaging can notify school staff, parents, and students in a moments notice. Just log on, record your sound files, upload your phone numbers, and start dialing. This service is for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, school districts and universities. Our emergency notification autodialing system can contact thousands of people per minute. It's that simple!

School notification features

  • Send emergency class cancellation messages to parents and students.
  • Announce tardy students to parents who wish to be notified.
  • Announce upcoming teacher/parent conference dates.
  • Notify parents of truancy and/or absences.
  • Create parent polls to receive feedback on school performance.
  • Remind students of upcoming workshops, activities or due dates.

High Volume Dialing

If you're a college campus and require a few 100,000 calls per hour for your campaigns, is the only web-based dialer that can handle your high-volume needs.

Complete campaign management and stats allows your school or organization to create and run multiple campaigns simultaneously. The interface is very intuitive and makes it easy to see your active campaigns and view detailed statistics. is your #1 School Telephone Notification System!