How Will a Political Dialing and Messaging Service Improve My Campaigns?

Using Voice Broadcast for automated messaging or Cloud Call Center for live calling, political campaigns can effectively target their specific groups and lists.  A candidate or campaign simply records their message, uploads their list, and sends to hundreds of thousands of voters instantly. CallFire is capable of thousands of simultaneous political calls, and is the quickest, most effective way to broadcast your message. No other voice messaging product or election technology can promote your campaign as fast and as accurately as CallFire. With advanced reporting, and the best Answering Machine Detection service in the industry, your campaign will get your message out with precision. Here are just a few ways our political consulting clients use CallFire’s Voice Message service with Voice Broadcasting to promote their political campaigns:

Transfer live answers with a Press 1 feature to raise more funds.
Closely track and analyze outreach campaigns advanced reporting or passback data via API.
Send GOTV messages to mobile-scrubbed lists instantly.
Notify constituents of new initiatives
Relay campaign information and alerts to internal campaigners
Create surveys and polls with automated telephone polling
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What Can CallFire Do For Political Campaigns? Suzie is running for mayor. She has great ideas but needs to get them out to staff and supporters. So, she uses CallFire to send text messages, ‘meet every Sunday at Town Hall to discuss the issues.’ Suzie notices larger crowds as more voters are now aware of her campaign plans. Her team also calls homes and businesses in her district using CallFire’s Cloud Call Center and voice broadcasting. With the Cloud Call Center, they can quickly contact more people using this auto dialer that filters out voicemails, busy signals, and connects only to live answers. Tracking each call is also easy from a simple interface. Text messaging, voice broadcasting, and Cloud Call Center help Suzie reach larger groups of people. Suzie get more votes because she got her message out with CallFire. To learn more, visit or call.

Setting up a Campaign is as Easy as 1…2…3…

1Select the Tab titled CREATE and select the Voice Broadcast Icon
2Upload your contact list and choose the details of your campaign
3You are ready to go! Schedule or Start your campaign today!

CallFire’s autodialing software, Cloud Call Center, optimizes political campaign fundraising, political polling, and general political telemarketing. Cloud Call Center enables staff to work remotely, and has been an integral part of many GOTV, polling, fundraising, and political outreach campaigns. Live agents can log in to CallFire with just a phone and an Internet connection.  The agent accesses their campaign, uploads their lists and script, and CallFire does the rest. The agent is connected to live calls, and has the option of skipping over answering machines or leaving a message.  The first choice for making political phone calls, CallFire's autodialer saves time and money while getting your campaign message out to hundreds of thousands of voters.  Using CallFire's Voice Broadcast and Cloud Call Center will help you optimize your communication strategy. It is not only effective — it costs far less than any competitor. Call now to find out about our special political pricing!