A mass texting app is a vehicle through which to conduct mass texting - a channel of communication that enables organizations to contact large numbers of people at the same time. Although most frequently used by the retail industry for text message advertising, a mass SMS service also has many valuable non-commercial applications.

Churches, voluntary groups, schools and political parties are just a few examples of organizations that send mass text messages. Even when a commercial entity uses a mass texting service, it may not necessarily be for marketing purposes. For example, when a football team keeps it fans up-to-date on the score using a mass SMS text messaging service.

The reasons why so many different organizations use a mass SMS system are that it is quick, it is easy, and it is inexpensive. It costs nothing to sign up for a bulk SMS texting service and SMS text messages cost just pennies to send per recipient. There are even ways in which organizations can prevent “text wastage” by sorting their recipients into groups. But more about that later.     

Why Use a Mass SMS Service?

In this age of advanced mobile technology, it is not unreasonable to ask why use a mass SMS service? Why not a mass texting app? Or some other text marketing software? The answer is that more people have access to a mobile device capable of receiving SMS messages (98% of the population) than have access to an Internet-enabled smartphone (68% of the population).

If marketing executives were to run mass text campaigns excluding 30% of the population, they would be out of a job in the morning. Furthermore mass text SMS messaging campaigns have been proven to be more effective than any other form of direct marketing:

  • 94% of text marketing messages are opened and read within three minutes compared to an open rate for email of 22% within the same time.
  • Retailers sending bulk text messages with coupons attached report a redemption rate eight times higher than achieved via email marketing.
  • 44% of consumers who expressed a preference said they preferred text message advertising to email (18%), smartphone apps (11%) and voicemail (8%).
  • Mass SMS marketing performs up to five times better than online advertising and social media for increasing brand awareness.

This final statistic is one that is not only important to retail businesses. Organizations such as churches, voluntary groups, schools and political parties all want to get noticed and increase their “brand awareness”. By using a mass texting service, organizations can raise their profiles within their communities, have more people listening to their messages and achieve more.  

Before You Start Sending Bulk Text Messages

Before you start sending bulk text messages, you have to have a database of people to send your messages to. Mass texting is a permission-based activity, which means that you have to invite people to join your mass texting service - and give them the opportunity to opt out. The simplest way to develop a database to send mass text messages to is through keywords and short codes.

Most people will have seen keywords and short codes in action, but not necessarily recognize them or understand what they do. A keyword is a simple word that you ask prospective members of your mass SMS text messaging service to text to a short code - usually an easy-to-remember six digit number. For example, text “join” to 313131.

When people send the text, they opt into your mass SMS service and their details are added to your database. Once your database starts to grow, it can be sorted into groups for easier management according to contacts´ interests or needs. Thereafter, groups of contacts can be selected to only receive SMS text messages that are relevant to them, and you save money by preventing “text wastage”.

How to Send a Mass Text

Another of the reasons why mass texting is so popular is that you do not need any technical or design skills to send a mass text. Once you have opened an account with one of the top text marketing companies, you simply log into the SMS text platform, upload the group(s) of contacts, compose your message and click “Send” to send the message immediately or you can schedule it to be sent later.

Within minutes of being sent by the mass SMS messaging software, your message will be opened and read by your contacts. You can monitor delivery rates, open rates and replies via the SMS marketing software from any device with an Internet service. Alternatively, if you are going to be in a location without an Internet service, you can have replies redirected to your mobile device via SMS.

If you wish, you can be a little creative with the content of your messages. Most SMS marketing software offer the option to attach multimedia (MMS) files to your messages to increase their impact and encourage engagement. People tend to share media they find entertaining so, by attaching amusing or thought-provoking content that your contacts like, your database could grow substantially.

Other Features of Mass Text Marketing Software

There are many other features of mass text marketing software that can help you save time and money when you send a text broadcast message, and that will make mass text campaigns more effective. Sent messages can be saved as templates for use in future mass text campaigns, QR codes and tiny URLs can be incorporated into messages, and you can address messages to individual recipients with personalization.

However, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your mobile marketing strategy and greatly increase brand awareness, the feature of mass text marketing software you most want to become familiar with is the poll builder. The poll builder is very easy to use. You simply ask a question in your text broadcast message, and give your contacts a list of reply options with corresponding sub-keywords.

Sub-keywords are an extension of the keyword that was originally used to get contacts to opt into your mass SMS service. For example, a bar called “Macs” using the keyword “Macs” could survey its database for the most popular beers served in the bar. Contacts could be given three choices - “Macs Bud”, “Macs Coors” or “Macs Miller” - and asked to text their reply to 313131.

This is an example of a message that contacts would share with friends, families or colleagues, and that would likely be effective in increasing the brand awareness of Macs Bar. The replies are received by the SMS text platform and saved for review. With this information, the owner of Macs can plan future mass text campaigns and have enough of his customers´ favorite beers in stock to meet demand.

Marketing via Text Message Advertising

Marketing via text message advertising is a particularly effective vehicle for engaging the “Text Generation” - the 15 - 25 year age group that is considered to be one of the most valuable consumer demographics, but also one of the hardest to engage and retain due to the volume of direct marketing targeted at them.

Mass SMS marketing with tiny URLs in the content has been found to be one of the most effective ways to connect with this tech-savvy age group - tiny URLs having a ten times higher click-through rate than emails containing the same links - and there are plenty more innovative strategies that can be employed using mass SMS messaging software, as our video below illustrates.

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Speaker 1: How can SMS help my business grow? Here’s an example. Suzy is a marketing director for a museum. She uses CallFire to send her members text reminders so that they never miss a great exhibit. She even includes a link so smart-phone users can get all the exhibit details. Now that members know to visit the museum, Suzy’s got another marketing magic trick up her sleeve once they get there. She posts signs inviting visitors to text, “I love art,” to her CallFire phone number. Once they text in, they automatically receive a discount to the museum gift shop.

Suzy loves how easy CallFire makes sending and receiving texts, and her members love the timeliness and convenience of getting reminders, promotions, and discounts right in their pocket. CallFire works with both long codes and short codes and provides opt in and opt out support, all for just pennies per message. Developers can even use CallFire APIs to program SMS apps of their own. To learn more, visit CallFire.com or call 877-897-FIRE.

Other Uses of a Mass Texting Service

Sending bulk text messages has an intimacy and immediacy that is difficult to replicate in any other form of mass-messaging communication. Organizations outside of the retail industry have identified this intimacy and immediacy as key to getting their messages heard above the noise of everyday life and have adopted mass SMS messaging software for their own purposes.

We previously mentioned churches, volunteer groups, schools and political parties as organizations that benefit from using text marketing services, and here are some examples of how they do so:

  • Churches can increase event attendance by scheduling reminders to parishioners with the text marketing software.
  • Volunteer groups can send mass text messages in order to coordinate members when there is someone in the community in need of assistance.
  • Schools can use a mass SMS system to send permission slips, reports and notices to parents – and to be sure that those notices have arrived!
  • Political parties often run a mass text SMS messaging campaign prior to Election Day to share policies and “Get Out the Vote”.

Access to mass SMS messaging software can be vital during adverse events when data networks often get overloaded. Being able to remain in contact with parishioners, volunteers, parents and students may be vital during power outages, inclement weather or security alerts. The mass SMS system can help keep everyone safe, and informed of last minute closures, cancellations or changes of venue.

Find Out More about Sending Bulk Text Messages from CallFire

Callfire is one of the top text marketing companies in the industry, with more than a decade of providing text marketing services to thousands of clients. We pride ourselves on having developed text marketing software that is quick, easy and inexpensive to use, but also versatile. Indeed, our SMS marketing software has been integrated with many popular web applications and our APIs enable developers to integrate CallFire´s powerful SMS text platform into their own applications. 

We offer a wide range of subscription packages for businesses and organizations that include keywords, unlimited sub-keywords and access to our shared short codes. We will also help you develop your contacts database with opt-in widgets that can be placed on your website or distributed through social media channels, and answer any questions you may have about how to send a mass text, how to use the features of the mass text marketing software, and - importantly - how to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act 1991.

If you would like to find out more about sending bulk text messages from CallFire, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our industry-leading Client Success Management team will be happy to guide you through the process of registering to use our bulk SMS texting service and explain the different subscription options to you. Within just a few minutes, you could be maximizing the effectiveness of your organization´s mobile marketing strategy and greatly increasing its brand awareness with a mass texting service from CallFire.