How Can Automated Calling Improve My Business?

CallFire’s Voice Broadcast service allows you to contact thousands of leads and clients in seconds. Simply create your voice message over the phone and upload your contact list. In minutes, CallFire can call hundreds of insurance leads or telemarketing agents with your pre recorded message. Voice broadcasting allows you to easily followup with groups and create Press-1 campaigns to drum up new business. CallFire can also be configured to target answering machines, live people, or both. Here are just a few ways our clients use our with Voice Message Broadcasting to grow and sustain their businesses:

Communicate with an entire contact list quickly and easily
Advertise daily specials and monthly promotions
Announce new products or services
Send emergency alerts
Send voice messages with & “Press-1-Now” campaigns for customers to pay through phone
Notify customers of upcoming billing dates or past due invoices
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Jeremy has a new insurance product that customers will love. He has two list of numbers, existing and prospective clients. So he turned to CallFire’s Cloud Call Center. Jeremy will never have to waste time on the phone again. He simply uploads his list and CallFire auto dials, skipping through busy signals, no answers and disconnected numbers. It connects him only with voicemails and live answers. We help make sales calls simple and provide one-on-one customer support to help each business use our products like Cloud call center, voice broadcasting, or even SMS in an efficient and effective manner. All you need is the Internet and any phone. We know that challenges you face. That’s why CallFire makes autodialing services simple, effective and affordable. To learn more, visit or call.

Setting up a Voice Broadcast is as Easy as 1…2…3…

1Select the Tab titled CREATE and select the Voice Broadcast Icon
2Upload your contact list and choose the details of your campaign
3You are ready to go! Schedule or Start your campaign today!

CallFire’s automated Cloud Call Center allows agents to operate at least 30% more efficiently than by hand dialing. Simply upload your contacts, and in minutes, CallFire's Power Dialer will connect your agents to live leads. CallFire can call up to 4 phone lines per agent and will leave answering machine messages so your agents don't have to. CallFire saves time by weeding out busy signals, bad phone numbers, and handling answering machines. And the entire time, you can monitor exactly what your agents are doing with call recording and call tracking.