How Will 1800 Numbers Improve My Brand and My Business?

Click to Call 800 numbers are special numbers that are free for the calling party and gives your business an air of legitimacy. This is especially true when you create 800 vanity numbers that use your company's name to make the phone number more personal and easy to remember. Use of a toll free number also allows you to capture telephone numbers from incoming calls through automatic number identification, which is independent of caller ID data even if the ID is blocked. Free 1800 numbers are the way to go for any type of organization. Here are just a few ways our clients are using 800 numbers with call tracking to grow and sustain their businesses:

Track numbers for campaign analysis
Build on advertising that works and cut what doesn't work
Purchase multiple DID numbers for each marketing avenue
Test marketing campaigns and optimize based on call volume
Offer added value and professionalism with toll free DID numbers
…and Much More!
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Speaker 1: Why does my business need call tracking? Here’s an example. Cameron is a realtor on the west side of town. He advertises in the newspaper, online, and even on billboards. Megan is also a west-side realtor and advertises in all the same places, spending the same amount, but Megan is smart. She doesn’t want to shovel money mindlessly into advertising without knowing that it works, so she turns to CallFire and starts tracking her calls. Megan evenly splits her budget three ways, but rather than advertise the same phone number, she buys three different numbers from CallFire and puts one on each ad. All Megan’s CallFire phone numbers forward to the same place, her office, but with call tracking, she can now see how many calls are coming through each advertising channel and determine which ad works best.

After a few weeks, Megan realizes her billboards are driving more calls than anything else, so she reallocates her budge to focus primarily on billboards. Megan’s phone is ringing off the hook, but Cameron’s ads stay the same, and his phone barely rings at all. Don’t make the same mistake Cameron did. With CallFire, you can buy one, two, or even thousands of local and toll-free phone numbers. You can even use CallFire to record your calls at no extra cost, and with CallFire APIs, advertisers, publishers, and developers can provide call-tracking services to their own customers. To learn more, visit or call 877-897-FIRE.

Setting up Call Tracking is Easy as 1...2...3...

1Select the Tab titled CREATE and select the Call Tracking icon
2Select the numbers you want to purchase, add them, and click next
3Select your call options – routing, recording, whisper, GoogleAnalytics™, and more

With CallFire’s virtual 800 number service, you can purchase unlimited local or toll free 800 numbers, also known as 1800 numbers or a 800 vanity numbers (an 855 toll free number and an 877 toll free number are also considered vanity phone numbers), or design custom and catchy business 800 numbers. Search 800 numbers in CallFire's system to get a 1800 number or hundreds of numbers online in minutes. Integrate CallFire’s other solutions, such as Call Tracking, revealing which 800 numbers are getting the most calls and hence which forms of advertisements are proving most effective. CallFire’s hosted IVR is another excellent way to get the most out of your 800 Phone Number, giving you unlimited options to create your own inbound or outbound phone tree / touch-tone response system. Add on other features like call recording and watch productivity increase while you track campaigns and increase ROI. Create a virtual 800 number today to be reached anywhere in the world.