Life doesn’t stop because of an economic slump or less-than-perfect credit. Families still need furniture, appliances, and other daily necessities to live. The economic downturn over the past several years has left many experiencing the effects of low credit scores. That’s where WhyNotLeaseIt comes in. They understand the constraints caused by the recession and provide lending solutions that offer viable options to their customers.

WhyNotLeaseIt offers easy lease terms for the furniture, electronics, and appliances needed for everyday life. They work nationwide with various big- box retailers to serve their customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Their goal is to get customers approved for the lease amount they need so that they can take home the products they want. With easy qualifications and a quick approval process, customers are assured a smooth experience from beginning to end.

Benjamin Farmer, Senior Director of Operations for WhyNotLeaseIt, came to CallFire seeking a solution to efficiently connect directly with customers. CallFire’s SMS text messaging tool was exactly what he needed. An SMS text message has a 95% open rate within the first 5 minutes of receipt, making it an ideal communication choice for the company. WhyNotLeaseIt began using CallFire’s text blasts to send hundreds of thousands of messages reminding customers of upcoming due dates and facilitating payment collection.

As with any kind of recurring bill, it’s easy for customers to forget or overlook due dates. Mail and other correspondence often wind up in the trash or stuffed into a drawer, never to be looked at until it’s too late. With CallFire’s SMS text messaging, customers who have opted in can be alerted immediately, and just as quickly get their accounts up-to-date. Indeed, WhyNotLeaseIt’s inbound call volume has increased by over 40% since deploying SMS as part of their strategy. 
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