Greenbriar Oceanaire: Waretown, NJ

With beautiful homes nestled against an 18-hole golf course, a forest of trees and peaceful pastures, New Jersey’s gated Greenbriar Oceanaire Community is a picturesque residential community just 90 miles south of New York City.

An oasis for many, this 900-acre community provides comforts beyond golf links with swimming pools and fitness facilities, a restaurant, daily community activities and more. In many respects it’s a world unto itself, which is why GOC manager, Jim Ritter, needed an efficient way to communicate with residents in the event of an emergency. So, he came to CallFire.

Ritter knew that his homeowners association needed a solution in case those clear blue skies turned gray. They began using CallFire “for emergency notifications like Hurricane Sandy.” Today, Ritter and his colleagues use CallFire’s Voice Broadcast solution to send hundreds of messages concerning everything from hurricanes and fires to trash pickup and community elections.

He explained that, “they needed a fast notification system to alert residents at GOC, but didn’t want anything too customized at a great price.”

For just pennies, Ritter and his colleagues can instantly send out hundreds and sometimes thousands of messages. “It’s as fast as I can record the message,” says Ritter.

Also, the peace of mind he gets from knowing that his community is receiving his messages is priceless, “Proof of notice has been a huge help for community notifications.”

After colleagues recommended CallFire to Ritter and the GOC Association, the days of “email and flyers stuffed into mailboxes,” were over.

Ritter told us that his community loves the mass communication system that CallFire provides, and with the Greenbriar Oceanaire Community continuing to grow, CallFire’s Voice Broadcast solution is the perfect way to keep in touch with the masses quickly.

Ritter said the setup was simple, and the software is easy to use and user-friendly. However, there was a time that he needed a helping hand, and that’s exactly what he got. “The support team was fantastic, very patient, and helpful.”

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