From football to golf to horse racing, sports play a major role in American society. The 2013 Super Bowl had 108 million viewers, making it one of the most-watched events in the country’s history. Sports represent big business, and sports gambling is at the forefront of this cultural phenomenon.

Sports gambling, which can be found in living rooms, casinos, and online, has become a multibillion dollar industry. To market to this industry, (TSB) has created a philosophy that sports gambling should be treated akin to financial investing.

TSB supplies sports-related data to its thousands of subscribers to help them make informed decisions on betting. TSB’s team of experts are pros at analyzing sporting averages and other details; however, they needed a more efficient way to connect with their clients in a timely manner.

Kevin Moss of TSB said his company was operating ‘old school’ by hand-dialing clients on specific games and wagers. That was until his company found CallFire. For the past 13 months, TSB has been using CallFire’s powerful text blasting solution to keep its clients informed of trending, up-to-date sports bets. “Text is the best way to reach thousands of people fast,” says Moss.

TSB has created more than 300 mass text campaigns, accounting for an astronomical 420,000 texts. Moss says CallFire has not only achieved the results he and his company were seeking, but has improved their system 100%.

CallFire’s mass texting solution not only saves time in reaching hundreds of thousands of clients, it also saves money by reducing the manpower needed to contact those clients -- a process that would take hours or even days. Its affordability -- just pennies per text -- increases margins. And with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, training was not necessary.

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