Being healthy and fit should not be limited to only those who can afford it. That’s the philosophy behind Fitness 19, a country-wide chain of affordable, state-of-the-art gyms that provide a family-friendly environment while offering personal training as well as the best cardio, strength and free-weight equipment.

Fitness 19’s success lies in its belief that affordability should not impact quality. The same idea was applied to strengthening its marketing strategy, which is why it came to CallFire. Even though Fitness 19 is a popular place to work out, it knew its potential and understood the need to implement strategies for growth.

Chet Dine is the manager of Fitness 19 in West Seneca, NY, just outside of Buffalo. He told CallFire that his company hit a marketing plateau, squandering money on expensive internal signage and external flyers in addition to wasting valuable time making costly manual phone calls to reach out to customers.

So, three years ago, Dine decided to trim the fat from his archaic marketing campaigns and lept into the 21st century with CallFire’s SMS text messaging service.

“It has been a very effective way to communicate membership offers and club specials to both members as well as prospects,” says Dine.

Creating campaigns and blasting messages to thousands of members didn’t even cause Dine to break a sweat. Through promotional campaigns and collections campaigns, Dine saw an increase in savings and more membership sign ups.

“The service has been a very cost effective method of communication [and] I have recommended it to other colleagues in the industry,” says Dine.

And, marketing isn’t the only use for SMS texting at Fitness 19. “We also utilize it to communicate with members that have an outstanding balance and have [had] a very good response,” says Dine.

Studies show that text messaging is one of the best ways of communicating to people in a world dominated by mobile phones and other devices. Text messaging has a nearly 100% open rate, so messages are practically guaranteed to be received and read.

Three years, nearly 100 campaigns and thousands of texts later, Fitness 19 of West Seneca, NY can continue to focus on what’s important: its clients’ waistlines, while CallFire has their bottom line covered.

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