“Alkalized and energized 4 Life, made easy,” is the motto of the Newport Beach, CA-based nutritional supplement company that has been marketing products that promote the health benefit of a body’s pH balance through the intake of Alkaline.

Their goal and vision: “To have one million people, consuming and enjoying the benefits of our products,” thereby creating the world’s first ‘alkaline movement.’

But, in order to get the word out about their various products that include protein powders and capsules, SevenPoint2 needed an efficient and “balanced” way of communicating with users of the product.

“I found CallFire when we first started out as a business in 2011. We had a need for text messaging and voice broadcast capabilities so we could reach out to our members through various channels,” says Adam Koontz, SevenPoint2’s Director of Member Services.

SevenPoint2 began using CallFire from the outset back in Fall-Winter 2011. “We use the services to remind people of important events, calls, etc. and we feel these services have helped with increased attendance in this area,” says Koontz.

As many folks are unaware of an unbalanced pH in their blood, SevenPoint2’s mission is to market and promote the importance and simplicity of maintaining a pH balanced lifestyle (hence the company’s name).

After more than a hundred campaigns and thousands of calls and texts, SevenPoint2 may eventually look to expand their use of CallFire’s other affordable communication tools such as Call Tracking or the Cloud Call Center. Koontz says the Voice Broadcast and SMS text messaging solutions have been working great and because the tools are so easy to use, he says there was no need for training.

With the marriage of CallFire’s ‘Tele-pH-ony’ solutions and SevenPoint2’s mission, the company is well on its way to reaching and exceeding a million users and getting their “alkaline movement” from the bloodstream into the mainstream.

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