Representing thousands of clients all over the United States, SelectCare Benefits Network, advocates on behalf of low income and uninsured people to help them receive low cost or free prescription medication direct from the manufacturer.

Despite a simple process to enroll - either by phone or online - Jonathan Harrington of SCBN says potential clients often disqualify themselves because they unknowingly gave incorrect information on their application. This is where CallFire’s Voice Broadcast solution has helped.

We used to pay $10 an hour for someone to contact applicants who had disqualified themselves,” says Harrington. This process resulted in just a handful of calls each hour. The lack of productivity was a bitter pill to swallow for SCBN.

About two months ago SCBN began using CallFire’s Voice Broadcast service to make those same calls. “We’ve been running two main campaigns. We send out more than 3000 calls every week,” says Harrington.

“Our first campaign sent out 26,000 voice broadcasts. To date, we’ve sent out approximately 40,000.”

The Texas-based company, which was founded in 2001, has exponentially increased its weekly reach to potential clients.

Harrington says, “It does what it’s supposed to do - multiple calls at once. It works way better for us. People disqualify themselves online all the time. Now, we just spend a couple of cents to contact them and go over their application. It’s been a good ROI.”

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