As the economy continues to stabilize following the Great Recession, the hard-hit real estate market is also making a come back. Home prices are rising, which means demand and commissions are too.

In Clermont, Florida, (MRET) is priming the next generation of realtors and using CallFire to help them do it.

“We offer real estate courses online,” says Damion Harris, realtor and owner of MRET. “We do free webinars to demonstrate the courses. From there, we want to register new students.” A major MRET objective is to have large audiences attend their live webinars and courses.

While Harris uses an email blast to remind participants about course and webinar times, it is CallFire’s powerful Voice Broadcast solution that has given him the ability to put his brand directly into his clients’ and potential clients’ hands. Harris will send a quick recorded message to their cell phones, and because of their immediacy and reach, his voice blast reminders have improved his webinar attendee rate by 50%. offers several webinars per week. Since becoming a CallFire customer several years ago, Harris explains that voice blasts have been “a boon to his bottom line.” At a rate of about 40 calls a day, six days a week, CallFire’s Voice Broadcast tool has proven to be an efficient and affordable asset to the company.

“There is a positive result that occurs when you send the reminders,” Harris says. “I can see there is a benefit in sending the voice blasts. I think [CallFire] is doing the right thing and going in the right direction.”

In addition to Voice Broadcast, Harris uses CallFire’s Call Tracking solution when conducting particular promotions or campaigns. Harris’ company primarily markets through search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and some outbound sales calls. Call Tracking has helped Harris figure out how to optimize his marketing dollars.

By renting a phone number and assigning it to a particular campaign, CallFire’s Call Tracking tool allows users to pull reports to see which numbers associated with particular marketing campaigns are getting the most traction. Harris can determine which campaigns have a smaller audience, and he can instead put his hard-earned dollars into the campaigns that are the most successful.

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