, a political non-profit organization with 4.2 million members that aims to move progressive politics forward by allowing citizens to help express their political voice through volunteer work, heavily supported the Barack Obama campaign in the 2008 presidential campaign. Backed by a large pool of volunteers, dispersed throughout the fifty states, MoveOn needed a comprehensive way to aggregate their data. Subsequently, MoveOn started a search to solve their processes dilemma.

MoveOn partnered with CallFire and implemented the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system , which utilizes a VoiceXML platform. The IVR system allows volunteers to call in and report their data through the easy to follow survey-like telephone message. This proposition was attractive to MoveOn due to fast scalability and cost effectiveness.

"It has been a big challenge for us to figure out how to track the efforts of our members around the country," said Adam Ruben, MoveOn's Political Director, "When we have 10,000 volunteers who need to report in on the same day, CallFire's IVR system is a breakthrough solution for us. CallFire helped us get the system up and running in a week, and it has been very reliable. It just works, and we can concentrate on other things."

The CallFire team created a customized IVR system capable of quick changes. "Our solutions are an ideal fit for non-profits like MoveOn that have an extremely large virtual staff and have several thousand users trying to call in at the same time, a lot of traditional telephone companies can't really handle that,” said Dinesh Ravishanker, CEO of CallFire.

MoveOn volunteers who dialed into the CallFire IVR system found the process less time consuming than traditional phone bank data collection and not as tedious. As the presidential campaign came to a close, was able to effectively view multiple campaign results in real time and export the outcome data to their own system and adjust their short-term strategy as needed.
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