Locking yourself out of your car can ruin a good day. It makes you late, feel stranded and helpless...it’s even more catastrophic when it happens in bad weather. That’s where Unlock It For Me comes to the rescue.

A member of the Alabama Locksmith Association, this Birmingham-based family owned-and-operated business has been helping hundreds and thousands of desperate drivers since 2008 with an affordable service that is committed to preserving the integrity of its customers’ vehicles.

In an effort to rev up business for its neighbors and friends while providing a service that is fast, reliable and convenient, Unlock It For Me contracts local locksmiths that are trusted in the community.

But, in order to manage a roster of contractors, Unlock It For Me needed an affordable way to handle its inbound and outbound calls.

“The main reason we became interested in CallFire was [for] the ability to cheaply have incoming numbers to our business and forward the calls where we needed them,” says Brandon Burns.

Unlock It For Me uses a combination of CallFire solutions that include Call Tracking with local numbers so that these numbers are within the area code of the customers dialing them. This also allows Burns to track which numbers are getting the most calls to see which advertisements are getting the most attention.

In addition to these inexpensive features, CallFire’s Call Tracking allows for these incoming calls to be forwarded to the right locksmith quickly. “Without CallFire we would be using and paying way more for multiple cell phones or office phones.”

In fact, Unlock It For Me devised a home-made cell phone alternative using Google Voice and cell phones that were not linked to an actual cell carrier. In other words, they were using homemade WiFi phones.

What CallFire has done over the last two years for Unlock It For Me is ‘unlock’ the potential to pass along the savings from its phone service to its own customers. “We have been very pleased with the features of CallFire,” says Burns. “We get low cost, high quality phone service. We take pride in offering a low cost service to our customers, as such, we can appreciate not being bombed by a huge phone bill for doing so.”

Burns says, “Some companies in our industry provide one or more physical [cell] devices to employees, and eliminating this is huge for us. The cost of handing out phones, monthly bills, contracts, insurance, damage claims - [it’s] all too much and very counter productive.”

Because of the savings CallFire provides, Burns tells us his company has been able to expand its services very rapidly.

Among one of Burns’ biggest concerns is customer service, which CallFire has also helped open doors. “The call recording is also an excellent feature for quality control.” Burns uses this to listen to how calls are being answered so that any customer service issues can be corrected on the spot.

CallFire also prides itself on the simplicity of its platform and ease of use. For Brandon Burns, setting up his CallFire account was easy. As for looping in his contractors, “Thankfully, most of our employees already knew how to use their own cell phones, so when the calls were forwarded it was nothing new! No Training Required!”

Seeing that Unlock It For Me is running on all cylinders towards even greater success, CallFire will be here to serve any of its telephony needs.

For more information, visit Unlock It For Me

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