Scottsdale, AZ-based Kyle Moyer and Company is in the business of politics. As a full-service public affairs, consulting and government relations firm, they specialize in public policy ballot campaign and candidate campaigns at the federal, state, and municipal level. So, during election time their voter outreach surges to astronomical proportions.

When everything’s on the line, that’s when they depend on CallFire for their Voice Broadcast solution to efficiently and affordably connect to their constituents.

Wendy Anderton is a political consultant and operations director at Kyle Moyer. Over the last nearly five years, Anderton and her team have relied on CallFire to make at least a couple hundred thousand calls on behalf of multiple candidates. “We are often in need of robo-calls for candidates or causes,” says Anderton. “Our candidates are generally winners. Robo-calls are part of that equation.”

On any given campaign, Anderton’s team will blast out more than 30,000 calls. At 250 calls per minute, an entire community of voters will be informed in just two hours. And, with CallFire’s innovative and easy-to-use data feedback, Anderton can see how many calls were or were not answered, as well as how many reached a busy signal or disconnected number. With this data feedback, Anderton can better home in on where her firm’s budget and efforts can best be directed.

Political campaigns take candidates and their consulting teams on the road for days and weeks at a time, so it’s important to maintain outreach portability. Anderton says, “the ability to record from a distance” has been incredibly helpful. Because all of the information is stored in the cloud, Anderton and all users can stay on top of communication anytime, anywhere.

When political and non-profit organizations need to take phones for their outreach, whether at home base or on the road, cost is a major concern. That's why CallFire maintains affordable solutions, like its Voice Broadcast tool that costs only pennies per dial. With this cost-saving approach, candidates can do more with their campaigning dollars.

Another draw is the simplicity of CallFire’s voice broadcast interface, which has been especially helpful to all organizations, but particularly for Kyle Moyer. When it came to learning how to use CallFire’s solutions, Anderton says because “we are a small [firm], we self-trained.”

However, CallFire knows that all of its clients have varying degrees of online savvy, so it prides itself on its ease of use as well as the numerous webinars and tutorials it offers. If clients wish to speak to someone one-on-one, CallFire’s helpful staff is always happy to assist, even via Twitter and Facebook.

As election season heats up, Anderton and her team at Kyle Moyer are confident that their messages will be heard loud and clear.

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