HPUD: Knoxville, Tennessee

As a provider of water and waste disposal for Knoxville, Tennessee, Hallsdale-Powell Utility District (HPUD) has grown exponentially since it was established in 1954. What began as a handful amount of clients, grew into tens of thousands of clients.

With great success came an overwhelming amount of duties for HPUD. As their phone book exploded, they knew it was time to come up with new organizational tactics to collect their bills.

Rather than continuing to use a dialing system they found inefficient, HPUD switched to CallFire to increase their efficiency.

HPUD implemented a Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an easy-to-use solution that serves an auto attendant. With the IVR solution, HPUD is able to send outbound calls to customers who are late on payments and customers are now able to pay through the phone whenever they call into HPUD’s number.

Information Systems Manager Chad Scheidecker found the platform supportive. “[We] like the fact that CallFire is always updating and improving to help us. We’ve never had any complaints.”

Not only was HPUD increasing their efficiency with the IVR, they saved time and money. According to Scheidecker, the utility company had spent about $1300 a year in maintenance on their previous dialing system but are now saving about 40% through CallFire.

“In addition to saving on our dialing system, we can now dial through our entire list of past due customers in minutes instead of days with much better statistics reported,” Scheidecker said.

CallFire plans to work with HPUD in the coming months to implement an SMS campaign so that HPUD employees can better connect with each other and maximize the company’s productivity.

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