Dave Shaheen, a luxury shoe sales manager, was befuddled in late 2005 on how he could reach 1,500 shoe-hungry women in the Greater Chicago area to promote his upcoming sale. He had utilized simple services like tellmycell.com in the past, but needed to add a special touch to his message. After using keywords like “automated calling” on Google, the CallFire Voice Broadcast Platform was revealed.

Shaheen initially implemented the CallFire Voice Broadcast solution while working at Neiman Marcus. He sent a Voice Broadcast to multiple luxury department store clients who opted in with a signature to be contacted from Dave’s Shoe Club by automated telephone calls. One of the major selling points for Shaheen was the ability for his clients to accept the recorded message on their terms – clients could be connected to the shoe department to reserve a pair of shoes or remove themselves from the VIP list. His clients embraced the added service from Dave, which in turn led to more transactions in store.

“If we do what everybody else is doing, we’re going to get the results everybody else gets,” Shaheen commented. His campaigns indeed began to exceed all expectations: CallFire's Voice Broadcast solutions were responsible for 90% of sales during a Manolo Blahnik promotion at Neiman Marcus. By the end of 2005, the Oakbrook, Illinois location experienced the highest percentage growth year over year, surpassing all other 33 Neiman Marcus stores in the nation, including Beverly Hills.

Over the next four years, Shaheen experienced staggering sales growth numbers and continued to keep the Oakbrook location in the national spotlight. After leaving Neiman Marcus, Shaheen went on to work at a smaller boutique shoe store in North Shore called Shirise. Staying steadfast to his sales practices, he continued to implement sales promotion strategies via CallFire's Voice Broadcast saying, “There are all sorts of tools in my tool belt, some tools you get good with, certain ones you can’t live without – CallFire is the one I can’t live without.”

Dave “The Shoe Guy” has used his sustained success to launch his own website and uses tools like Vimeo, Twitter, and a blog. While he is embracing the national reach different technologies provide, other salespeople fail to extricate themselves from traditional methods. “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king,” Dave says. His business with Shirise continues to grow despite the recession and even experienced a $50,000 day on Super Bowl Sunday, despite subzerotemperatures. Having a passion for shoes and CallFire's Voice Broadcast, Shaheen is poised to fuel growth in the years ahead.
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