Automotive Capital Resources (ACR) assists independent auto dealerships that lack the sufficient resources for financing and collections. Their assistance enables dealerships to allocate more resources towards selling cars.

Located in Kentucky and Florida, ACR is an auto financing company that has been working with dealerships around the country for more than five years. Part of ACR’s mission is to help dealers save money by eliminating the need for expensive staff to manage portfolios and maintain accounts and records.

In order to stay on top of hundreds of accounts in a single day, ACR needed a powerful and affordable solution to handle numerous past due payments so they approached CallFire.

For two and a half years, ACR has been using CallFire’s Voice Broadcast and SMS text messaging products to blast thousands of calls with great success.

“I would say we have had about a 15% increase on average of successful contacts,” says Lisa Wood, ACR’s Operations Manager.

Before finding CallFire, ACR engaged in “Manual calling, one account at a time.” With hundreds of calls to make in day, more than a thousand per week, ACR was wasting valuable time and manpower.

After discovering CallFire, Wood added, “We have been able to make contact with more customers and our return calls increased with a blast call.”

A typical ACR campaign will include a message containing its company name and a request that the customer contact them at a toll-free number or with a touch-tone response option to speak with customer service. These messages are sent instantly, and within minutes results materialize.

For just pennies per text and call, ACR is not only satisfied with results, but is also enjoying a healthy ROI as well. CallFire’s Voice Broadcast and SMS text messaging solutions are continuing to become standardized tools for communication as the cost of sending out past-due notices in the mail or using a small army to make endless calls each day is becoming more costly and inconvenient.

The ease-of-use factor also makes Voice Broadcast and SMS text messaging an attractive option. At ACR, there was no need for training, saving more time and money.

Two and a half years and nearly 650 campaigns later, ACR has found its collections solution.

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