As the economy continues to grow, more and more consumers require personalized printing solutions. In fact, the world’s printing industry is expected to exceed $21 billion by 2015, and is a highly competitive industry with widespread adoption of in-house photocopying by both private and business offices.

Tim Hardesty needed a solution that connected potential clients with his company, All Copy Products. Based in Denver, All Copy Products is a copier dealer that services and sells copiers, as well as offers IT services. Spread over six area codes, Hardesty needed to show both a local presence in Denver as well as in Fort Collins, which is 65 miles away. Additionally, Hardesty’s business covers markets in Wyoming and Arizona with sales and service reps in those areas.

With three states under his management, Hardesty came to CallFire for its Call Tracking solution. “I have 12 numbers with CallFire,” says Hardesty. “I have it set up so that when someone is looking at my website from a particular city, the phone number with the local area code will pop up so that it appears local.”

Using CallFire’s Call Tracking tool, Hardesty has been able to pull reports to see which numbers are being dialed most often, how many numbers are getting transferred and answered, and how long it’s taking each call to connect.

Additionally, Hardesty uses CallFire’s call recording feature, which has been one of the most important features for his business’ success. By being able to listen to each service call, he’s able to stay on top of productivity and make adjustments where necessary.

“In our business when someone is having a computer problem, they want to get helped right away,” Hardesty says. “If someone calls our phone number, our front desk attendant will route the call to a sales rep or our service person to help them out.”

When a customer’s needs aren’t met immediately, it’s money out the window. “If we can’t get to them until the next day, I’ll have found out that the sale went to another company and we lost that sale,” says Hardesty.

“Being able to listen to those calls, I can then demonstrate to management how important responsiveness to the customers’ needs are. Since I’ve been able to listen to those calls and because we were able to answer the call right away, we have gotten several thousand more dollars in sales because of that.”

And, the cost of renting a local phone number with CallFire is as low as $1.75, in addition to just pennies per minute per call. The affordability and efficiency of CallFire’s Call Tracking solution has helped All Copy Products to increase their margins.

Hardesty has been using CallFire since 2013 and has noticed a big difference in his bottom line. “The ROI is good. It allows me to get the customers in contact with the sales reps quickly and drive sales.”

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