Posted 16 December 2008 --Socialites and active mobile consumers can now save time when contacting multiple people by using FriendCast, CallFire's voice broadcast application for the iPhone. The free service allows people to send a voice-recorded personal message to many contacts simultaneously, eliminating the time and hassle of making multiple phone calls or typing lengthy text messages to friends and colleagues. Now, when the club destination for the evening takes a last minute turn, or a college student needs to reach members of a group spread across campus, individuals can use FriendCast to quickly and efficiently contact many people at once.

Upon downloading FriendCast from the iPhone App Store, users open the program, register their phone number and select 'record' to begin speaking a personalized message. After recording their message, users choose recipients from their contact list and click send. FriendCast uses iPhone's 3G or Wi-Fi connection to send messages, saving time and minutes. Each contact automatically receives a call playing the initiator's message, which also displays their caller ID. FriendCast can send calls to cell phones and landlines, eliminating the need for a PC and home Internet access to send quick, useful group voice updates.

"We're excited to bring FriendCast to today's mobile, tech-savvy iPhone users," said Dinesh Ravishanker, CallFire CEO and co-founder. "By leveraging the cloud telephony platform we've built for our business customers, we are now serving the needs of consumers and simplifying the way they communicate when short on time and without a PC."

FriendCast offers privacy options, allowing individuals to block FriendCast calls from specific people or turn off FriendCast messaging altogether. The free, ad-supported application is available immediately in the iPhone App Store at 

About CallFire

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