Voicemail Broadcasting

Voicemail broadcasting is an inexpensive and effective way to get your message heard. It simplifies the process of calling every individual you want to contact by sending out the same message at the same time to multiple recipients.

Just as with individual calling, voicemail broadcasting can leave a message if the recipient is unable to answer their phone. It can also act as an interactive service to encourage engagement from your customers, your employees or your constituents.

The list of potential uses for voicemail broadcasting is nearly endless. It can be used to communicate quickly with emergency personnel during a disaster, it can be used by faith-based organizations to increase event attendance, or used by non-profit organizations to solicit donations.

Such is the versatility of voicemail broadcasting -- it is impossible to cover every possible scenario. This article provides examples of some of the ways in which voicemail broadcasting can help organizations in the retail industry, and if you have any questions regarding whether it might be the right vehicle for your industry vector, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Communicate with an entire contact list via pre recorded voice message
Advertise daily specials and monthly promotions with a voicemail blast
Send emergency alerts via voice broadcasting
Notify customers of upcoming billing dates or past due invoices with a voice update
Create surveys and polls with phone trees
Stay engaged with customers and become a trusted friend
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Speaker 1: What can voice broadcast do for my business? Here’s an example. David runs a dry-cleaning service. He wants to announce a holiday special, so he turns to CallFire and records a message. “This is David’s Dry Cleaning. It’s almost New Year’s Eve. Get a 15% discount to dry clean your party outfits when you use our pick-up service. Press one to schedule a pick-up.” David uploads his phone book into CallFire, and CallFire does the rest. David’s customers are notified about his discount, and with the press-one transfer, they can be immediately connected to schedule a pick-up.

After the special, David logs into his account and can see how many calls were sent and how many pick-ups were scheduled. These numbers help him decide whether to run the special again the next holiday. “This is David’s Dry Cleaning. It’s almost Valentine’s Day.” CallFire makes it easy and provides opt in and opt out support for just pennies per call. Developers can even use CallFire APIs to program calling apps of their own. To learn more, visit CallFire.com or call 877-897-FIRE.

Setting Up a Voice Broadcast is as Easy as 1…2…3…

1Select the Tab titled CREATE and select the Voice Broadcast Icon
2Upload your contact list and choose the details of your campaign
3You are ready to go! Schedule or Start your campaign today!

Setting up a Voicemail Blast for Business

The most common use of voicemail broadcasting is the “voicemail blast.” An example of a voicemail blast for business is when a retailer sends one message to his or her entire database of opted-in customers. Setting up a voicemail blast for business is simple:

  • Subscribe to a voicemail broadcasting service.
  • Upload contacts to your online voicemail broadcasting platform.
  • Record your message or use the text-to-speech option to type the message.
  • Send the voicemail message immediately or schedule it to be sent later.
  • Monitor responses via the online platform.

Although a voicemail blast for business can be sent to an entire database, it can also be sent to selected groups of customers. The online voicemail broadcasting platform has the versatility to sort customers into groups based on their interests or location.

Consequently, if a retailer has a promotion in their sports department, the voicemail blast for business is only sent to customers who have expressed an interest in sporting goods. Similarly, if a retailer is opening a new store at the north side of town, it would be ineffective (and a waste of money) to send a voicemail blast for business announcing the new store to customers who live on the south side of town.

Other Uses of Voicemail Marketing

Voicemail marketing can have other uses beyond special offers and promotions. In much the same way as businesses use social media to engage with their customers, voicemail marketing can be used to seek opinions, feedback and comments about past events or future plans.

One of the most effective ways of conducting voicemail marketing is ask a question in your voicemail message and then request that customers give their response by pressing a number on their phone keypad. Their responses can be monitored via the online platform.

The technology behind this form of voicemail marketing is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and it is similar to when you are trying to get through to a department in a utilities company. Most people are familiar with using this type of technology and it is proven to drive engagement with customers.

Answering Machine Only Voicemail Broadcast

Due to laws regulating voicemail broadcasting, an answering machine only voicemail broadcast is possible, but only in certain circumstances. This is because the law stipulates that organizations cannot hang up on individuals (customers, employees, constituents, etc.) without identifying who they are.

In order to send an answering machine only voicemail broadcast, you would have to send it to the recipient´s landline when you know they are out. For this reason, the only practical way in which to use an answering machine only voicemail broadcast is business to business in the middle of the night - when you know the recipients´ offices are closed.

Unless carefully planned, an answering machine only voicemail broadcast can also be very expensive. This is because answering machine messages tend to go on for ages (which is costing you call time) and because voicemail broadcasting service providers will charge you for all live answer calls in an answering machine only voicemail broadcast - even if your message is not communicated.

Two Voice Message Marketing

Two voice message marketing is a combination of a voicemail blast for business and an answering machine only voicemail broadcast. Effectively how two voice message marketing works is that a message is sent which, by default, is the voicemail blast.

Because you may not want the same tone of message left on an answering machine (usually the same message with less urgency), if a marketing blast encounters an answering machine, a secondary message - or second voice message - is transmitted.

Two voice message marketing is legally compliant, and both messages can take advantage of IVR technology or leave a number for the recipient to call back for further information. Two voice message marketing is as versatile as other types of voicemail marketing in respect of being able to schedule marketing blasts in advance and monitor responses via the online platform.

Speak with Callfire about an Automated Voicemail Service

Although this article has primarily focused on the sales and marketing applications for voicemail broadcasting, there are many other ways in which an automated voicemail service can benefit your organization.

If you would like to witness how effective an automated voicemail service can be, simply text “TRYVOICE” to 67076. You will receive a voice broadcast from us. If you like what you hear, you are invited to register for a free account and then choose from a comprehensive selection of pricing options, or select the pay-as-you-go automated voicemail service.

Naturally, we would be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions about voicemail broadcasting or our automated voicemail service. Call us toll-free at (877) 897-FIRE.