Strategic Reflections, a national mystery shopping company, understands what good customer service is and how to spot it.

In order to deploy its army of mystery shoppers, Strategic Reflections wanted an efficient way to send notifications when a mystery shop became available. CallFire’s Voice Broadcast was just the solution it needed.

With a client list ranging from retail stores to financial institutions, Strategic Reflections employs hundreds of mystery shoppers to conduct company research and gather information on their customer service experience.

“We have schedulers on staff and we relied on them to make all outbound calls,” says Jeremie Roberts of Strategic Reflections. That was before coming to CallFire in March 2011. Considering the high volume of calls Strategic Reflections requires on a daily basis, this was an extremely time consuming task.

With the help of CallFire for the last two and a half years, Strategic Reflections has created more than a hundred campaigns and sent thousands of voice broadcast calls. “The product works really well in getting a message out to a lot of shoppers at one time,” said Roberts. “This is beneficial when a deadline is quickly approaching.” Each campaign takes minutes to complete and costs pennies per call.

Limited time is an obstacle for every company, and CallFire’s Voice Broadcast has directly addressed this issue for Strategic Reflections and thousands of others. “It has been a great help to be able to send out numerous calls in a short period of time,” said Roberts. Besides announcing new mystery shops “we also use it to follow-up on shoppers that have overdue work.”

CallFire’s Voice Broadcast is an excellent solution not just for its efficiency, but also for its usability for both sender and receiver. When setting up Voice Broadcast for the first time, Strategic Reflections did not have a training process in place, according to Roberts. It was easy to integrate and simple to deploy thousands of messages.

To streamline the process for mystery shoppers receiving the call, “We set up the Voice Broadcast to allow our shoppers to ‘Press 1’ to speak with a scheduler and the call was then routed to our scheduling department,” said Roberts.

When asked about his overall impression of CallFire, Roberts replied, “This is a great product and very useful.”

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